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Walter Palmer asks clients to stay away from his dental practice — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t see how anyone who has the ability to read the facts pertaining to this issue could support this madman dentist. Nothing about his actions could be considered legal.
    I would expect that madman Palmer’s home address and telephone number can be found in some public records, passed by word of mouth, or by a simple people search online. None of us are exempt, and privacy is pretty much a thing of the past. Therefore, Mia Farrow has no liability in divulging residential location any more than anyone else.

  2. Ted Nugent is an idiot.

    I’ve encountered sadists in the human and animal medical community for years. Sometimes they’ve slipped up and inflicted totally unnecessary pain on myself and my animals. The same medical establishment that protects doctors who malpractice against humans also protects bad vets. And don’t get me started on that DA down in Texas.

    Palmer needs to be hounded into third world poverty by the general public and Kristen Lindsey should be right there beside him. That’s my only hope now, because I don’t see a proper legal resolution to either case, although Cecil’s death did get Zimbabwe riled up.

    I don’t see why domestic cat caretakers aren’t as fired up about this case either. Killing Cecil was just as wrong as killing Tiger, perhaps even more. Like you said, Michael, lions are much rarer than domestic cats.

  3. The worst tragedy of “CECIL” was that he was shot by a arrow and died 40 hours later.Imagine the torture and pain the animal must have undergone before it was eventually killed with a gun.How could a Dentist resort to such torture in hunting down a animal let alone a lion that was the pride of Zimbabwe wild-life.

    • He has to be a sorry excuse for a human being. Shame on him. There are a lot of people like him. They have no empathy whatsoever for animals and their ability to feel pain and emotions.

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