Walter Palmer Wants to Get Back to Normal and Has Been Seen

Walter Palmer, the infamous dentist who the world knows shot Zimbabwe’s most famous lion Cecil with a bow and arrow in an attempt to kill him (without success), has been seen, for the first time in around 6 weeks, in the area where he lives and works. You can see in the photograph that is wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans. The photograph was taken in the Eden Prairie area on Sunday.

Walter Palmer
Walter Palmer seen for first time for 6 weeks at his home and work area. There are cars parked at his clinic indicating clients are returning.
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So Walter Palmer has broken cover and his business has reopened. He is not at work at the moment but a spokesperson for the dental practice, in Bloomington, said that they want to get back to normal and serve their clients.

“We are dental professionals committed to serve our patients and clients. Our offices are private property, and we asked the press to stay off of the property and respect the peace of mind of our patients and clients… The employees and patients wish to get back to business as usual…”

I suppose his work associates are no doubt thoroughly p*ss*d off with him and have encouraged him to reopen the business. They want to work and he shut the business down because of mass protests outside the clinic. Also some of his clients are sticking by him. There are clients’ cars in the clinic’s car park. This is unsurprising. People do have short memories and some don’t find what he did objectionable. It is hard to grapple with that but a good section of society approve of Dr Palmer’s actions.

The dental practice is not taking phone calls from the press. In fact repeated calls by the Daily Mail newspaper to the clinic went unanswered and the phone line appeared to have been disconnected.

There is a security guard outside the dental practice (see center photo). I am not going to go over the history of this case partly because it is well known and partly because if you want to read more about this person please click on this link. In brief, Palmer and his cohorts lured Cecil from a protected park to an area of privately owned land where he was illegally killed not by Palmer’s bow but a gunshot delivered by the land owner.

We have no further news on his extradition to Zimbabwe or his prosecution in the USA, neither of which are likely to happen I regret to say. The well-healed look after their own.

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14 thoughts on “Walter Palmer Wants to Get Back to Normal and Has Been Seen”

  1. He was still considered to be a health care professional, regardless of his status for treating the fur bearing elite.
    He could have lent his skills to help dental issues of wild animals, but he chose to destroy instead. He could, also, have chosen to deal with dental issues of the poor. But, he prefers the rich who can sponsor his “fun” killing sprees.
    What’s saddest is that Cecil couldn’t even have been considered a challenged kill, ie. like shooting fish in a barrel.
    He is the lowest of low, and I hope he lives a life of hell.

    • The repugnant Palmer, who’s previously boasted of being able to hit a playing card from 100 yards, seemiingly couldn’t even execute a ‘clean kill’ on a non-challenging lion. Instead they had to track the injured lion for 40 hours before finishing off with a gun.

      I notice the cowardly, scumbag always talks of ‘taking’ a lion as opposed to actually admitting ‘killing’ Cecil. I have a horrible feeling that the USA won’t agree to his extradition and Robert Mugabe’s government is so corrupt, they’d probably let Palmer off with a massive fine which they’d then pocket themselves.

  2. I don’t have much hope for justice in this situation. Wealthy people can get away with murder, and have! I’m afraid this will be no different. Justice may only happen outside of the system, by vigilantes.

    • Yes, well said. The elite look after their own and are more likely to be above the law or to avoid the law. They also tend to be less concerned with things like lion conservation on the African continent.


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