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Walter Palmer Wants to Get Back to Normal and Has Been Seen — 14 Comments

  1. He was still considered to be a health care professional, regardless of his status for treating the fur bearing elite.
    He could have lent his skills to help dental issues of wild animals, but he chose to destroy instead. He could, also, have chosen to deal with dental issues of the poor. But, he prefers the rich who can sponsor his “fun” killing sprees.
    What’s saddest is that Cecil couldn’t even have been considered a challenged kill, ie. like shooting fish in a barrel.
    He is the lowest of low, and I hope he lives a life of hell.

    • The repugnant Palmer, who’s previously boasted of being able to hit a playing card from 100 yards, seemiingly couldn’t even execute a ‘clean kill’ on a non-challenging lion. Instead they had to track the injured lion for 40 hours before finishing off with a gun.

      I notice the cowardly, scumbag always talks of ‘taking’ a lion as opposed to actually admitting ‘killing’ Cecil. I have a horrible feeling that the USA won’t agree to his extradition and Robert Mugabe’s government is so corrupt, they’d probably let Palmer off with a massive fine which they’d then pocket themselves.

  2. I don’t have much hope for justice in this situation. Wealthy people can get away with murder, and have! I’m afraid this will be no different. Justice may only happen outside of the system, by vigilantes.

    • Yes, well said. The elite look after their own and are more likely to be above the law or to avoid the law. They also tend to be less concerned with things like lion conservation on the African continent.

  3. Not on your life WALT or should we say Cecil’s or all the other animals who HAD LIVES until you killed them! They were live WALT with families they felt pain fear suffering NOW its your turn. How does is feel to be afraid?? Not so good Dr. Palmer not so good.

  4. Walter,

    You get to walk around and eat and be with your family. What does that lion and his family get? Nothing! Nothing but a lost parent and feel what it is like to be missing their father.

    This isn’t justice at all!!!

    “If you lack sympathy for an animal, you have lost the true meaning of what it is to be human!”

    • Thanks JC. Very well said. I think that the problem with Walter Palmer and the fact that he will probably get back to normal is the problem that we have with society in general. There are the haves and the have-nots. There is the establishment and those of us below the establishment. The establishment, the rich, the politicians et cetera protect themselves and their own and the people have difficulty obtaining justice because of this mentality.

    • I am very keen to see him prosecuted as are many people. The authorities are less keen. This shows a disconnect between the people and the authorities.

  5. Unfortunately “normal” is not a word that should be used in the same sentence with “Walter Palmer”. Normal for him is killing animals (attempting to kill in some cases, apparently someone else had to clean up his mess and finish the job). Maybe he should try hunting “Monty Python” style for a while….staked out rabbits.

  6. “Our offices are private property, and we asked the press to stay off of the property and respect the peace of mind of our patients and clients… ”

    What a shame Walter Palmer and his fellow poachers didn’t show the same respect for property boundaries when they deliberately lured Cecil away from the safety and protection of the national park. I hope they all go bankrupt within the year.

    I’m not shedding any tears for Palmer’s business associates. As the saying goes, if you lie down with dogs you’re going to catch fleas.

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