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Walter Palmer’s Patients’ Money Used for Trophy Hunting. One Patient Vocal About This. — 9 Comments

  1. I so wish that this wimpy idiot would come out from hiding and face the crowds.
    He and Kristen bitch have to be two of the most hated people in my world.

  2. Perhaps it is time someone lured Palmer out of his safe den (the irresistible temptation of money tied to the back of a Jeep?) to face his hunters.

    Right now he’s not the only American trying to hide from the public over the killing of a lion. I think we will see a few more named and shamed.

    Extreme hunting shouldn’t be about killing wildlife with bows instead of guns. It should be about getting that perfect close-up photo without the aid of a long lens.

    Leave only footprints. Take only memories.

  3. I’m glad at least one of his patients has a problem with this. Is it me, or does there seem to be an increase in the cases of animal cruelty and neglect? I appreciate the sites that give everyone a say. I only hope justice (even at a minimum) can be achieved.

    • I am not sure there is more animal abuse but there is more reporting of it trough social media and in online newspapers. Thanks for stopping by the website.

  4. I’m glad to see this being addressed by a patient. Just one thing that seems to be a mistake:
    “we can continue to support his practice” She probably means “cannot”.

    I really hope this he does get punished, along with Lindsey. Jail time would be a start. The animal loving inmates could makes things even more uncomfortable.

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