Walter Palmer’s Patients’ Money Used for Trophy Hunting. One Patient Vocal About This.

It is an interesting thought which has been highlighted by the attitude of one of Walter Palmer’s clients. What do his clients think about their money funding the killing of African and American animals for the pleasure of their dentist? Here we have, at last, the moral dimension to this story.

Protestors occupy the forecourt of Palmer's dentistry business.
Protestors occupy the forecourt of Palmer’s dentistry business.
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We know that Walter Palmer has shut down his business. There are probably many reasons for this, one of which is that he cannot attend the business because he is in hiding. Another reason is that there are protests outside his business and threats against his life. A third reason is that his clients now realise that the large sums of money that they have paid to him for his dentistry work goes towards entertaining him through trophy hunting. This will no doubt upset many of his clients.

One of his clients has made her opinion known. She is shocked and dismayed over his hunting practices. His former patient, Morgan Strober tells People in an interview that she had no idea that her dentist’s exotic vacations to Africa were all about killing the animals on that continent. She said:

Dr Palmer was always very smiley. It was no secret that he often took exotic vacations, but there was never any mention of hunting, not even to us, and we were on very good terms.”

She says that everyone is appalled at Walter Palmer’s killing of Cecil the lion. I presume that by everyone she is also referring to the other clients of Dr Palmer that she knows.

“People all around me are talking about it. Everyone is appalled.”

Morgan goes on to say the following:

“I’m no vegetarian and I have nothing against hunting if a person is going to eat or otherwise make use of the animal… But to shoot and kill for fun, especially endangered species, I find morally and ethically corrupt.

I also feel absolutely sick to know that the literally tens of thousands of dollars my family has paid him over the years – my braces, crowns for my parents, bridges for my grandmother, countless cleanings, fillings and tooth whitenings – has gone to fund animal-killing vacations

My family has already written a letter saying that in good conscience, we cannot continue to support his practice and will be looking for a new dentist.”

I think we will find that her feelings about Dr Palmer’s behaviour is commonplace amongst his patients/clients. I’m not saying that every one of them will dislike what he does because some people support him but I’m fairly confident that the majority have similar feelings.

On that basis, it would seem that Dr Palmer will have difficulty maintaining any sort of dentistry business in the future in much the same way that Dr Kristen Lindsey DVM, who killed a neighbour’s cat (or a stray), will have difficulty in resuming her veterinary career.

This, for someone like me, is good news because it is a heavy punishment which is all the more important because I don’t have a lot of faith in the ability of the authorities of either America or Zimbabwe to punish this dentist. It may happen but we will be lucky to see it come to pass.

9 thoughts on “Walter Palmer’s Patients’ Money Used for Trophy Hunting. One Patient Vocal About This.”

  1. I so wish that this wimpy idiot would come out from hiding and face the crowds.
    He and Kristen bitch have to be two of the most hated people in my world.

  2. Perhaps it is time someone lured Palmer out of his safe den (the irresistible temptation of money tied to the back of a Jeep?) to face his hunters.

    Right now he’s not the only American trying to hide from the public over the killing of a lion. I think we will see a few more named and shamed.

    Extreme hunting shouldn’t be about killing wildlife with bows instead of guns. It should be about getting that perfect close-up photo without the aid of a long lens.

    Leave only footprints. Take only memories.

  3. I’m glad at least one of his patients has a problem with this. Is it me, or does there seem to be an increase in the cases of animal cruelty and neglect? I appreciate the sites that give everyone a say. I only hope justice (even at a minimum) can be achieved.

    • I am not sure there is more animal abuse but there is more reporting of it trough social media and in online newspapers. Thanks for stopping by the website.

  4. I’m glad to see this being addressed by a patient. Just one thing that seems to be a mistake:
    “we can continue to support his practice” She probably means “cannot”.

    I really hope this he does get punished, along with Lindsey. Jail time would be a start. The animal loving inmates could makes things even more uncomfortable.


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