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  1. I love seeing pictures of Walter and Jozef they always seemto be getting up to mischief! Just like their Mammies! ha ha 🙂
    I think its lovely that they still love to play even at age 12 but I have heard say that if you treat your cat like a kitten with plenty of opportunity for fun they will stay your kitten forever!

    • Leah I cannot think what you mean! :-)but yes they are very playful for their age and here we are a week later and the box is STILL in favour, no pee has hosed onto it yet, Walter was laid flat in it this morning covered up with a sheet of red tissue paper as though he was in bed. Later it doubled as a cafe and then a motorcar when I dragged him round the floor in it. We’ve had some fun with that box.

  2. What a lovely feel good article this is Babz,I love reading about your boys day to day adventures.Walter looks a real little rascal and I did laugh about peeing on his box when he’s sick of it lol
    Has it happened yet?lol lol

  3. lol – I knew I’d like this when I read the title. I think it’s very funny that he will signal his boredom with the box by peeing on it. That makes things pretty clear. It’s sort of like saying ‘it’s mine and I’m bored of it so you can take it away now plz thx’ 🙂

    I often recieve bicycles and bike parts in the post in various big and medium sized boxes. Whenever I plonk a new box down they all give it the once over with sniffings and then Lilly usual jumps up on it and starts digging a hole in it. Just yesterday I put some eggs on to boil and when I came back she had already made a hole and was ripping out the bubble wrap guts out through the hole. It was pretty violent and loud actually. When I actually start to open the box properly she will just jump in it and onto whatever is in it. There might be sharp objects so I don’t like here wanton box attack mode too much.

    Anyway, right now there are 4 boxes on my living room floor and the 2 cat tree boxes from xmas in my bedroom. I have even cut off the flaps and made them like nice little houses for them to go it. They like that sort of thing. My bed is 2 single beds next to each other so its a large area and there is a sort of tent of a blanket coming down from the cat tree on one side and the other side has a house constructed of cushions from the couch in the living room (except the one I sit on) so it’s like a whole den with little tunnels and the cat trees are both at the foot of the bed so they can access it through these constructions. It’s like a paradis. I wish I was a cat sometimes. I love it. My corner is prett small actually but I am surrounded by this whole den/fortress with towers.

    By the way, I love the photo of hurricane Walter – he is funny in one of those because he has those wide ‘crazy half hour’ eyes. It’s nice to get to know Walter and Josef a bit 🙂 My Gigi has the same way of suddenly losing interest and looking at the object like it practically doesn’t exist and never did. Well at least they know what they want – or don’t want as the case may be 🙂

    • Ha! Sounds wonderful Marc. Who needs a catio when the whole house is a fun room! It reminded me of a video I think we saw here on PoC, of the man who engineered a whole wall of condos out of file boxes. It was done in fast motion. Made it look so easy.

      I doubt the cats will ever get bored with their own play house.

      Are they enjoying the cat trees? Have you published photos of the trees yet?

      Lucky kitties.

      Walter and Jozef are such characters.

    • Marc your home sounds ideal and your cats must think they live in paradise. You really should get your camera out and treat us to some pics. One of the things I really love about POC is when Michael and male regulars unashamedly write about their love for their cats, no macho pretence of being hard cat-hating men, just pure honest pleasure in all things cat.

  4. Walter has us in stitches at times, he’s so enthusiastic about everything, but then he suddenly loses interest and walks away.
    Jozef is very different, I think he would play with us all day in the winter if he could, apart from a few quickie snoozes in between lol
    But he prefers to be out and about in the better weather, his feral ancestry coming out! Walter enjoys going out but is much more of a ‘home bird’

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