Wandering Dogs Killing Wandering Cats

Wandering dogs are killing wandering cats. It is all our fault. How do we feel about causing this pain and distress?

Cat attacked by feral dog

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Wild dogs UK killing cats

It does not matter on which side of the Atlantic you live, feral dogs or wandering domesticate dogs, are a danger to outdoor cats, including, of course, feral cats. But how big a problem is it?

We hear a lot about feral cats and the “health hazard” they represent to us but I don’t recall seeing much about feral dogs and the ongoing raw danger they represent to people and their outdoor cat companions.

The problem of roaming feral dogs, or domesticated but out-of-control dogs, killing cats and being a danger to people appears to occur with similar regularity in the UK and USA based on press reports but that is misleading. The law in the UK curbs irresponsible dog ownership.

There was a recent case in Cleveland, USA. It is not known if the dogs are truly feral or wandering pets.

In attacks that occurred in Cleveland, Ohio, a pack of three or four dogs were the culprits. They roamed and killed – we are told 15 cats so far. They killed cats without an apparent motivation to eat but simply to kill. One of the cats was living in a shelter and was dragged from it and killed. The dogs appear to be well fed and outdoor domestic dogs. They were a variety of breeds: Doberman and Labrador for example.

Pet dogs killing cats

Killer pet dog

In a similar story across the pond, also from October 2014, a pack of three “wild dogs” have been roaming around the town of Strood in Kent, UK. One resident said the dogs looked like hyenas. She was referring to the coloring and markings. They are much smaller than a hyena. They are probably more like the African wild dog. These dogs appear to be genuinely feral and I wonder if they are African wild dogs.

You only need to watch the first 30 seconds on this video to see the dogs but the attack on a cat takes place towards the end I believe:

The same gang of canine killers had killed earlier. The first attack was on a black cat named Coco, a much loved companion. In all, seven cats have been killed on this housing estate.

“Coco was a one in a million cat who we’ll miss so much. They (the dogs) may well go for a child if they are hungry enough – they pose a big threat.” (Amanda Tye, 32, Coco’s owner).

On both occasions the authorities did not find the dogs to capture them. This is probably one of the problems: how to track the dogs down, capture and if necessary euthanise. Then there is the wider issue of stopping these events happening through improving dog ownership.

The problem as I see it a double whammy: irresponsible cat and dog ownership. All cats should be kept in until the problem is resolved.

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  1. The incident with the cat in the drive was before the laws{1986} were changed to include roaming cats.At that time it was legal for cats to roam as it was considered the cats nature,about 5 years after that the laws were changed.The neighbor was not so concerned about the cat as he did not like me because I was a witch. So,he would get at me through the cat. It was only that one cat that would go there in the shaded area of the concrete drive.Just like every Halloween he would call up saying I was sacrificing cats and AC would come out like a SWAT team. Year after year the same cats would be seen. Finally,the one woman wrote him off as a nuisance caller. As Dee said,in Marion County,Fl. Dog attacks out here are common,but usually unreported as the owners suddenly claim the dog is not their dog.Unless a child or elderly person is injured not much is reported.And when it is reported,even if you can locate the owner,most AC will just tell the owner to keep the dog under control,unless someone presses the issue. .articles;

    http://www.ocala.com/article/20100529/articles/5291013 /http://www.cunninghampilaw.com/blog/dog-bites/orange-county-man-kills-pit-bull-after-witnessing-attack-on-pet/


    • Thanks Geri for clearing that up 😉 . It must be a tricky for you sometimes being a modern day witch. Some people will be interested and like it but others might be a bit scared of you and become defensively aggressive towards you. The word “witch” still carries ideas going back to medieval times.

  2. On my property I can shoot the dog.They are in my yard taking the cats.The cats were not off the property,they were in the backyard.I never said I would leave my property.The neighbor saw them carting away one of the cats,running down the road.Every incident I speak of was ON MY PROPERTY. The dogs do not belong there.The dogs come from down around the bend.If an animal is on your property,threatening you or your animals,you can shoot them. They have to be threatening.Yet,AC allows people to shoot cats if they wander through the yard.And no one was ever under attack by the cat walking through the yard.I checked on cats attacking people,stray or feral,no stats,none reported.Even when the cats were in the enclosure,dogs dug under the door area and slaughtered those cats.Just like when dogs attacked the horses. Was I supposed to stand there and let them tear up my horses? Or the children in the yard when they were young?This is not 2 or 3 incidents,this is 2 or 3 a year for 30 years. So,trap the dogs so they can live and do the same again,dog owner goes unpunished,meanwhile there are dead cats.The rights of dogs trump the lives of cats again.That is not reasonable to me.I just don’t have the stomach anymore to be out there trying to beat off dogs with a broomstick while the cat is torn to pieces.Shooting the dogs will not bring the cats back,but there will be peace knowing they will not be back to kill again. There are many dogs that come by here,but they do not attack. I usually give them a “cookie” and send them home. It is not about killing dogs because they exist,it is about protecting the cats from viscious dogs.

  3. Legally,you can shoot an animal that is a threat.Dogs attacking other animals in their own yards can be shot.And you can tell AC to stay off your property. Under the law,unless you invite them on the property,they cannot be there.I once held an AC person at gunpoint until the Sheriff got there to remove him and I was on the phone with his supervisor when the Sheriff showed up.He had pulled into my drive and was angrily shouting at me as he stomped up to where I was filling my wolf’s water bucket.Bear used to dig trenches about 4 feet deep and lay in them.He was kept outside while I worked and brought in once I came home.I was getting him some fresh water when AC came to complain because the neighbor had seen my cat sleeping in his driveway.AC was shouting in my face about the cat when Bear came up out of the trench and lunged for him. I caught Bear by the collar and the AC threatened to have Bear killed.Bear was protecting me from a hostile invader. I called the Sheriff and held AC there at gunpoint. The Sheriff gave the guy “what for” and showed him off the property.The only good thing I have to say about the AC guy is when his supervisor confronted him about his behavior and actions,he admitted to it. Last time I put out traps for dogs the cats went in them.I have caught dogs and contained them until AC picked them up,but they were not nasty dogs.Nobody would claim them and I could not keep them. If they have tags I call the phone number first and wait for an answer.Viscious dogs are different. It is not my job to catch them. It is my job to protect the colony.I have had 2 wolves and a dog over the last 30 years and none,from day one,ever bothered the cats.People encourage dogs to be that way. It is not about anger for me,it is about heartbreak and trauma.Do you know how traumatizing it is to be fending off dogs that are tearing your cats apart,or the effect it had on my children when it happened in front of them? And these sicko dog owners laugh about,brag about how many dead cats their dogs have brought home.Do people ever think about the mental effect it has on the cat owner?Those kinds of dog owners are very disturbed people. People like that only understand when it is their dog that is killed.Cats and their caretakers are treated like second class here.It has to change.When trying to reason with people does not work and the laws are not upheld,you eventually say,”Enough”. I said,”Enough” 15 years ago.

    • I get it, Geri. I really do.

      But, you cannot shoot a dog that is off your property, regardless if he has a cat in his mouth. The law will not be on your side. Your cat cannot be free-roaming off your property in this county. You will be cited and fined; and you will be jailed if you shoot a dog off your propeerty.

      I know that life seems a little different in the forest; but, the rules are the same for you and me.

      Keep the traps, equip them with fresh meat, (ie. ground beef, chicken parts, even tuna) dump any cat or friendly dog out, and wait.

      Also, let your idiot dog neighbors know that you are trapping “killer dogs”. Post signs if need be in front of your home, along your road, and at the end of your road.

    • Geri, you seem to know quite a lot about dogs and attacks by dogs on cats etc.. How common is it in the USA or at least where you live? I am sorry but I have forgotten in which part of the US you live. I ask because your neighbour complained about your cat sleeping in his driveway. To Europeans that is very strange. It would not cause a person to even think about it as a problem let alone something to complain about in Europe or at least the UK.

      You were very gutsy to pull your gun out on an AC 😉 It’s war!

      • Michael, Geri lives in my county, Marion County Florida, but in the National Forest area. You know the Marion County rules now. No free-roaming cats. Her cat cannot be sleeping on someone else’s property at all.
        It seems a little different in the Forest for some, but
        the laws are the same.

  4. The dog problem here is not about ferals,but people who allow their dogs to roam.Currently 2 red pitbulls are attacking animals in their own yards. I have lost 4 cats to these monsters.A neighbor messaged me,she saw the attack. I was at work. Now when I am home I keep watch.These dogs will be shown no mercy by me. I have had it with dog owners.These same people are the type who whine if a cat wanders across their yard,but think nothing about endangering other animals in their own yards,as well as people.Those dogs do not belong in my yard.I will shoot on sight. I do not like to kill any animal,but if it is in my yard attacking my cats,it is done.Dogs need to be rounded up and the owners fined.According to the law,if a dog attacks another animal or a person they are considered dangerous and are to be put down.But again,the AC favors dogs and dog owners.

    • Agreed. Dogs take first place and there are never any consequences.
      Animal Control is about the most useless thing that ever dropped on this planet when it comes to cat welfare.
      I caution you not to harm the dogs, Geri, no matter how mad you are. But, being the bitch that I am, I would call AC/kill shelter to request that they bring you 2-3 traps large enough for nuisance dogs and use them. Should they deny, get on the phone with a county commissioner and demand compliance.


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