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WARNING: Cat guardians should beware of cosmetics containing butylparaben

Some cosmetics such a moisturisers and suncreams contain butylparaben. This chemical helps preserve cosmetics. It is described as an ‘endocrine disruptor’. It behaves in a similar manner to hormones in the body. Some experts believe that parabens can mess with the body’s hormones. Research found that children whose mothers were exposed to parabens in pregnancy were more likely to be overweight.

Chemical formula of butylparaben

The use of butylparaben is widespread. I’d like to take the warning regarding child health and use it for cat health. Domestic cats are at risk of being exposed to butylparabens because they often lick their human companions. They lie on their companions legs and arms. They lick hands that might have been moisturised by a cosmetic containing butylparaben.

There has been no study on this so I am speculating. It is another possible hazard in the home for domestic cats of which there are many and they nearly always hidden. What about feline hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism? Might there be a connection between butylparaben and these common diseases?

The obesity epidemic in children might be partly explained by the use of butylparaben. It is a stretch but I wonder too if it might affect domestic cats in the same way.


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