WARNING: Girlfriends with cats need to protect their cat from boyfriends with anger

Having managed this site for over ten years I have seen this reported on numerous occasions. God knows how many times it happens but remains unreported. I would suspect many thousands of times annually.

Ramirez an angry young man who killed his girlfriend's cat to hurt his girlfriend

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The basic scenario is a classic girlfriend-boyfriend argument, often over a third party who puts the relationship under pressure.

The boyfriend has anger management problems and lacks a decent level of morality due to poor parenting.

Rather then discussing the problem with his girlfriend and walking away, the boyfriend attacks her cat. It so much easier to hurt an innocent animal loved by a girlfriend.

EL PASO, Texas [4700 block of N. Mesa]: In this instance, on arriving home from work, Alberto Ramirez, 21, became angry towards his girlfriend, with whom he was living. She was with another friend. We don’t know if the friend was male or female. I’ll presume, male.

They probably argued and Ramirez’s girlfriend left the home with her friend. I guess she just wanted to get away from the aggravation.

She returned later to find her cat missing. Ramirez was in the home and they argued over the missing cat. The woman called the police and a subsequent investigation revealed that the angry young man had broken the cat’s neck and dumped her/him in a dumpster. The cat was found.

So he committed a crime under Texas animal welfare laws. He has been booked and is being held in detention under a $7,500 bond. He also has ‘various traffic warrants’ against him.

Perhaps his killing of his now former girlfriend’s cat was a cynical ploy to emotionally hurt his girlfriend knowing that when caught he’d be punished less than if he’d hit his girlfriend because animal cruelty is punished more lightly than human-to-human cruelty.

Girlfriends with cats should be aware of the vulnerability of their pet to aggressive and aggrieved boyfriends. What Ramirez did happens and it is not uncommon. It is the innocent cat who pays for the misbehaviour of humans with his life. And this doesn’t just happen in relationship breakups. It happens all the time in a range of ways.

Picture: Thanks to the police force. Source: ABC7 KVIA.

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