Warning – nasty: circus trainer mauled by lioness but survives

A lioness, Vega, savagely mauls a trainer inside a small circus enclosure. The trainer, Maxim Orlov, struggles to get rid of the attacking lioness. He must have been hurt on his legs although he gets up each time. Fortunately, he was not bitten around his head. The second lioness joins in. It looks really serious at one time. It could have resulted in his death. No doubt about it. It happened at the Ural Travelling Circus performance on Saturday.


A circus trainer in Russia was mauled by a lioness. Horrifying footage shows the lioness attacking Maxim Orlov during the Ural Travelling Circus performance on Saturday. (Video Credit: ViralHog)

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Lioness, Vega, attacks trainer, Maxi Orlov, in circus in Russia
Lioness attacks trainer in circus in Russia. The lioness is named Vega and she can be seen attacking her trainer Maxi Orlov. Screenshot.
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It is hard to see why the lioness decided to attack but she went for his legs. It is said that scared children and parents rushed out of the arena on seeing the incident. Apparently one woman suffered an epileptic seizure witnessing the shocking scene. One paying customer said that the lioness went berserk. Comment: I would not describe it as that. The lioness simply felt compelled to attack for some reason. It could almost be anything which stimulates the attack mode. The trainer was wafting around his stick which may have triggered that innate attack mode which is why, arguably, it is foolhardy to involve big cats in this sort of circus act because they are never completely domesticated and that innate aggression that lions have to attack is never subdued no matter how long and rigorous the training.

You can see the trainer fending off the lioness and that one time he punches her, it seems to me, on her nose. The trainer said that Vega is five years old and has been “wayward since childhood”. He said that this whole thing is very rare but “animals are animals”. He said that Vega will not perform again and that they will “negotiate with the zoos to exchange her for a little lion cub”. Comment: lion cubs should not be performing in circuses. How did they acquire the lion cub? Was he or she removed from his mother at an early age? This is the sort of thing exploitative businesses do to lion cubs.


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