WARNING: Video of man in China hanging a kitten from a string held in his hand

The tweet states: “The atrocities just continue. May 10, a netizen photographed a man killing a kitten near Building 16, Yixinyuan, Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong, China. The cat has been taken away by the man. This dangerous man must be reported to police!” The person who tweeted (We Are Not Food) sounds desperate and rightly so.

The video maker lives in the area, I guess. I am also guessing that the man in the video lives in the area and he kills kittens and cats with impunity. Absolutely no problem at all in hanging a kitten by a piece of string held in his right hand for anyone to see. He then ties the string to a rigged object to let the kitten die by hanging.

It is completely out in the open on the street. The reason? It is not a crime in China to do this. There are no animal welfare laws to protect this kitten. China has the second largest economy in the world. It is a major player in world politics and influence. And yet the Chinese Communist Party resolutely refuses to enact animal welfare laws. Shameful behavior.

I can’t show the video on this page as there are adverts here. If you have a strong enough stomach, you can click on the link below to watch it. It takes you to another website as the company that hosts this website object to this kind of video. They threaten to take my website offline if I upload this kind of video. That is two forms of censorship by big business by the way. Freedom of speech on the internet? NO. No way. Forget about a central plank of democracy on the internet.

I do this to get the message out to the world that this sort of animal cruelty must stop. The international community and China’s citizens must not be passive about it because if they are they are acquiescing in this highly immoral behavior which would be a serious crime in all decent countries. They are in effect condoning it.

Click this link to see the video. It is unpleasant and it would be shocking if we don’t know that this is not abnormal in China.

Click this link to see the screenshot from the video. I have chosen a ‘safe’ screenshot so it is difficult to view. However, Google’s AI bot may see this as disturbing which is why it is on another page where there are no adverts.

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