Warrior Cat and The End of the Beginning

Warrior Cat and The End of the Beginning

by Michael ©Michael.B.
(Brave New World)

Warrior Cat - Savannah Cat - photo © Helmi Flick

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Warrior Cat - Savannah Cat - photo © Helmi Flick

This is a continuation of the Warrior cat story, which started here.

The Warrior Knight had given the Clan leaders hope. He had played the "hope card". Warrior Knight knew that all creatures needed the hope and expectation of better things to come. He also knew that he had given his opponents ammunition. He had been heavy in his criticism of Twolegs, which was a dangerous argument as a number of the Clan leaders wished to keep on good terms with Twolegs. Theirs was a pragmatic approach but the confidence of Warrior Knight had carried him to make a promise that would take all his skill to perform and which was revolutionary in its nature.

He had promised no less than a new life, a life that would wash away all that was wrong with the only life they new, a struggle for survival in an alien world.

The warrior Knight had taken the high moral ground. He had to. He meant it all. But he had to deliver if and when the clans decided to follow him to a brave new world. He was ready for that challenge.

The midnight meeting had lasted many hours, it was late and all were tired. He had failed to convince the clan leaders at the first argument. He expected this. It was time to stop and come back another day. The Warrior Knight realized that it took as long to change a way of life as it took to build a way of life. He had commenced that long journey. The most difficult moment is the beginning and it was behind him.

In any case the Warrior knight wanted to stop for another reason. In the dense blackness of the wild at night he had noticed the pure brilliance of the silky fur of a stunning female cat behind the crescent of clan leaders before him. Her name, he had already learnt, was BrightStar, in recognition of her charismatic character and her stunning Bicolor coat of black and white. Her ears had fantastic tufts of long glamorous hair making them seem longer and more elegant. She had a long, slender and handsome body and the prettiest of faces. She was all female cat and, he had discovered, she was a pedigree cat no less and a past champion show cat. One day he would take her as his partner and she would accept him as her mate.

Now was the time to make the first advance. The Warrior Knight had many codes of conduct, one of which was, "to do it now". He was a great achiever and he had realized very early on that the hard part of achieving was actually doing it. Many fine words are spoken but getting to your goal was harder and one way to get their was immediate action through conviction.

He confidently walked over to WhiteFace who was talking to BrightStar. "May I introduce myself? I am the Warrior Knight. I've come to lead you into the light". His confidence was nothing short of awesome; born out of true self belief and ability. This was not arrogance although to Brightstar it sounded like it. It was a confidence that would carry him to his destiny, devoid of fear of failure. This wondrous self belief he had inherited from his father a true wild cat of great athleticism, courage and skill, a wild Serval from the African continent. Such confidence was the very foundation of his being. Without it, all his abundant skills would be for naught. With confidence he could release his skills and use them to maximum effect and for the benefit of all.

As he thought briefly of the possibilities that lay ahead, RazorClaw was plotting against him. One day they would have to decide who was to lead and blood would be spilled.

For some though, Warrior Knight was a modern day messiah. A cat that all cats had been patiently waiting for these long centuries since domestication. It was time for change and only a leader of his passion and ability could achieve it.

Brightstar glanced and looked, and turned and faded into the chilly night. Her look told him all he needed to know................

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