Warrior cat and The First Attack

Warrior cat and The First Attack

by Michael ©Michael.B.
(Brave New World)

Warrior Cat - Savannah Cat - photo strictly © Helmi Flick

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Warrior Cat - Savannah Cat - photo strictly © Helmi Flick

This is the continuation of the Warrior cat story, which starts here.

This was not the great chamber of the warrior clans, which smelled of wet earth and dry leaves. A place where the light was soft and the vista was broken and curved; where the gentle love of nature's breeze caressed away the anger of a fractured mind.

Instead, the smell was of plastic and polish. The surroundings were angular and harsh to the eye. The room was tense and agitated. There was fear in the air. The typical fear which twolegs grapples with every day of his life and from which he longed to be released. This was a scary place. It was the debating chamber of twoleg's local regional government.

The dignitaries had congregated to debate "the environment". There had been concern over the loss of native wildlife. An eminent scientist had been commissioned to report on the matter.This eminent man, distinguished by a long line of qualifications stood up.

"My research confirms your suspicions, gentlemen, the feral cat is responsible for the slaughter of our precious wildlife". This is what they had all wanted to hear. They needed the argument, anything official which carried weight to justify what they had planned to do before the the research was even a glimmer of a thought in their minds.

"It is time to exterminate the vermin", one cried."Here, here" another murmured. Within the hour the meeting had been concluded. Before the week was out it was in the news. Before long they would be coming with their guns and their poisons to terrorize and kill.

The Warrior Knight had seen his mother protect him when he was young. The courage of a mother cat knows no bounds in protecting her young. To address a foe much larger than her she will rise up onto her hind legs and fearlessly strike out with her claws. The Warrior Knight would do that and much much more for his family, the family of the clans of warrior cats. He would have to, they would come to destroy his family.

The torch light shone through the dawn mist lying over the damp, dewy ground like a soft duvet. The distant breaking of twigs were like gun shots to the sensitive ears of the Warrior Knight. All the clan members huddled together, their ears pricked and their faces frightened. Warrior Knight bounded onto a nearby tree and scanned the distant depths of the forest, his ears sharply focused on that distant sound. It was louder than before.

"How many?", whispered TigerClaw. "One", replied the Warrior Knight. Suddenly, there was a massive thud and crack of splintering wood and bark. A bullet had come to rest barely 6 inches from the Warrior Knight's head. They had been seen and the warrior cats ran, ran for their lives to find cover from this ogre approaching them. The Warrior Knight stood still, patiently waiting with the infinite patience that only a cat knows. Listening, observing, waiting and waiting for the moment when he could vent his rage, his fury at this violation against his family.

Another crack, a warrior cat falls, shattered and broken, killed instantly. Warrior Knight's blood ran icy cold. He moved quietly away to one side. Cats can move and enter spaces without a sound and almost invisibly. They can hide with great dexterity. This would serve the Warrior Knight well. He waited as twolegs trampled over the homes of the warrior cats eager to kill another "feral cat".

The Warrior cat pounced with a mighty leap. Within one swift bound he was at twoleg's throat. He raised himself on his hind legs and slashed at twolegs with his claws. He gouged at twoleg's face and eyes. The Warrior Knight would not let go until the job was done. This ogre would never see again to shoot at another warrior cat.

Twolegs fell and whimpered. "Help me, help me....I've been attacked.. I can't see...I can't see".

"We must leave this forest by noon", ordered the Warrior Knight to TigerClaw. "Gather the clans, the warrior cats. I have made a stand. Never again will we be cowered by the twolegged giants and be persecuted by them but they will come and come again and we must fight again until twolegs understands that we have the same rights and that we demand the same respect as twolegs."

"TigerClaw the clan leaders must meet at the hidden chamber in the Dark Copse at one hour before noon, no later. Twolegs will be back and when he comes we must be gone to fight another day......"

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