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by Michael

New Forest, an inspiration for the location of Warrior cat series photo © eyesore9 under CC

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New Forest, an inspiration for the location of Warrior cat series photo © eyesore9 under CC

In the Warrior Cat Series the feral cats of ShadowClan are the Alpha Cats, ambitious and greedy. They are the equivalent of the "financial experts" in the human world and the chief executives of big companies. I don't like ShadowClanners!

The Warrior Cat series of books is about feral cats, isn't it? After all Rusty leaves his cosy human home for the lure of the wild in the forest and becomes a leader. He is a classic feral cat. So totally wild - no. Although there is a wild cat waiting to get out in every domestic cat.

Timmy our stray who comes in for breakfast and dinner is a classic warrior cat. He's a tuxedo cat, slender and agile. Soft at heart, tough when needed - a leader. He'd be in Thunderclan.

The Books used to be written by two women with one of them doing the storyline and checking consistency.

Now there are three authors and one storyline writer. The new author is Tui Sutherland.

The Warrior Cat Series tells the story of "clans" of feral cats surviving in a forest. There are 3 mini-series of books. The first was published in 2003.

The first book, "Into the Wild", tells the story of Rusty who succumbs to the call of the forest and who is taken in by ThunderClan as an apprentice named "Firepaw" because he is a ginger cat (technical term: red solid). The other clans are RiverClan, Windclan and ShadowClan.

Rusty becomes a warrior and then a leader, "Firestar". The mini-series that starts with "Into the Wild" ends with book 6, "The Darkest Hour".

Thunderclan members are fierce and brave. They are respectful of others and great fighters with good characters, knowing right from wrong.

RiverClan members are related to the Asian Fishing cat it seems as they mainly eat fish and swim strongly. A number of purebred cats like water, usually the wildcat hybrids. The Turkish Angora does too. Members of this clan are contented and well fed.

StarClan is the spirit home of all warrior cats once they pass on from this world. Silverpelt, the swath of stars in the sky at night represents StarClan. A warrior cat spirit remains loyal to his/her clan.

warrior cat
photo copyright The-Pack

"The New Prophesy" is the 2nd in the Warrior Cat Series. The first book in this mini-series is called "Midnight". The story starts twelve moons after the end of the "The Darkest Hour". The book is centered around humans' desire to build a road through their home, the forest. This reflects so well what is going on in the world generally causing the gradually extinction of rare species of animals. Mankind's actions are often hostile to the feral cat and many millions are deliberately killed each year because there are no human homes (rescue center) for them.

The Clans should rise up and tell humans to behave better! Or they should follow the Warrior cat that has entered their midst. He is a warrior knight who has come to them to lead them into the light - the light of a brave new world.........

The 3rd mini-series is called "Power of Three". It tells the story of 3 young cats named, Hollypaw, Jaypaw and Lionpaw. All are Firestars grandchildren. Jaypaw is blind. Blind cats can survive well and show great dignity and use their remaining senses well. Jaypaw trains to be a medicine cat. Some blind humans achieve lots too. But it is a tough road. This series centers around the prophesy, "There will be 3, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws".

Humankind holds the destiny of domestic cats in their hands..............

Other books in the Warrior Cat Series: Super Editions, Field Guides, Manga (Japan), The Rise of Scourge, Tigerstar and Sasha'a Trilogy, Rawenpaws Trilogy, Short story (website).

One setting is the New Forest in England, a very popular place. This is shown in the heading photograph. Other influencing areas are the Forest of Dean and the Scottish Highlands, all fine landscapes.

Read a derivative story about a warrior knight that comes out of nowhere to lead the warrior cats to a brave new world

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Jan 29, 2012
flamestar age 13
by: Flamestar age 13

WARRIORS IS A GR8 SERIES! ive read all the onse to date (into the wild-omen of the stars book 5 and all manga/super editions and feild guides...im such a nerd sometimes lol!) A good series for cat lovers!....and dont forget, join Blazeclan! :3

Dec 05, 2011
by: Clawstar


Sep 06, 2011
by: nickie9996

The warriors are beast! I love them! I especially like Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, they make an awsome mates together!

Jan 24, 2011
Love Warriors!!!!!!!!!
by: Ashley Weson Ca, Brentwood

i love all thes books so much. Until i finish all the books, this will really be the only ones that i will be reading.

Dec 29, 2010
by: rhiannon hair (west virginia)

WARRIOR CATS.......what are those?thats what all of my friends say.warriors are the defenders of the forest thats what they are!i always tell them.WARRIORS ARE THE BEST AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THAN YOU CAN KISS MY TAIL!

Nov 27, 2009
by: Tiger

This is an AWESOME paragraph I think It really tells about warriors I am fighting for my life everyday. Thanks for sharing your great I Ideas. I am going to write warrior stories I have almost finished my first book called (the end for Nightbreeze). I love warriors and me and my friend play fight at her house. Thanks again for sharing!

Apr 30, 2008
Like the summary
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this - nice pictures and great summary of the warrior cat series. I didn't know that the New Forest was the setting for the series. Guess one of the authors lives near the New Forest. I'm told it's a great place, large and protected.

Nice webpage by the way.

2 thoughts on “Warrior Cat Series”

  1. I have read all of the books from into the wild – The Last Hope. I have read all of the Manga Books and Super Editions and Guides.

    WARRIOR CATS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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