Warrior Cat & The Fear of the Unknown

This is a continuation of the Warrior cat story by Michael which starts here.

Warrior Cat - Savannah Cat - photo © Helmi Flick

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Warrior Cat – Savannah Cat – photo © Helmi Flick

There was silence….but for the rustle of the golden leaves silhouetted against the silver moon. The Warrior Knight scanned the group of clan leaders. He could see their faint outline and the reflection of the full moon in their steely eyes. It was the cold stare of an unbelieving group.

WhiteFace turned to RazorClaw, “what does he know, who is he to come here and tell us how to live. To lecture us. We are the great leaders of the clans. We know our world better than anyone.”

RazorClaw turned to the Warrior Knight and hissed, “Who are you? What do you know? What right do you have to come to our world and tell us what to do?” RasorClaw was repeating what he had just heard from Whiteface. He was a true reactionary, unenlightened and without imagination. He knew one thing, the Warrior Knight threatened his power, his control over the unthinking mass of warrior cats. He would never release control. It was his God given right and no wildcat hybrid, no matter how wise and how strong in mind and body would usurp that power.

SandPaw stood up, “I agree, our lives are difficult and we are poor but our lives are predictable. We know what to do. If we follow you we will be unsure, uncertain of the future. We don’t want that.” There was a murmuring of approval.

The Warrior Knight sensed fear amongst the clans, fear of the unknown. He knew that real change was almost impossible because of this fear, which was at the root of all their lives. He knew that the warrior cats would do all they could to remain rooted to their ways, to feel safe; it was all they knew. But it was half a life. He realized that to break free of the shackles of the fear of the unknown and to enter the New World of the unpredictable would stimulate their minds and lead to a full life. Yes, a life as hard but one full of possibility. A life where the body and mind were in harmony with the world. This was his goal.

The Warrior Knight faced the unbelievers. “How many of you are betraying the clans, the warrior cat code and yourselves?” You steal the food Twolegs throws away. You say you are warrior cats; you think you are lions but you are scavengers that depend on Twolegs but who pretend to be free spirits living your life of choice.”

“We will never be free and live our lives the way we must as long as we live in Twolegs’ world. A world were Twolegs encroaches on our land, where he takes our territory and builds on it. He steals from us and doesn’t respect us. Yes, it is true that some Twolegs do respect us and allow us our dignity but in the end, when Twolegs must decide on our fate, and let me remind you, he and only he decides on our fate, he will destroy us and our world just as he destroys our big cat cousins”

“This is because Twolegs is like us, he is frightened. What he fears he destroys. Twolegs does not know or understand his fear, it is deep inside him. He fears rejection and old age. He fears nature. Both are stronger than Twolegs. The fear in Twolegs drives him to insecurity and insincerity. In the world of Twolegs success is measured in wealth. This is not the wealth bestowed by a free spirit true to itself but the wealth of greed gained in the lost world of self interest and the quest for pleasure. Twolegs deceives himself and others.”

“Must we be a part of that? No..we must live our lives in our world. Where only the good are the wealthy, where only the truly wise are the leaders and where all the strong help all the weak.”

“A world where Twolegs enters on one profound condition, under a solemn covenant that he recognizes us as equals…..”

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Warrior Cat & The Fear of the Unknown to Warrior cats

Note: this page was written in 2008 as were all the instalments of this story. I have republished this page on Dec 19th 2019 to air it again.

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Warrior Cat & The Fear of the Unknown

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Jul 03, 2008
Looking forward to the next
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I am looking forward to the next installment.

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