Warrior Cats movie and TV series are coming at last!

About 15 years ago Warrior Cats fans and role play players (RPG) – there were lots of Warrior Cats RPG websites in those distant days – clamored for a Warrior Cats movie. The Warrior Cats movie article on this website had more than 1,500 comments and the page stopped working. Anyway, at the time the news was bad: no movie. Then 15 years of nothing until today when the Television Business International (TBI) website announces that there will be a movie at last! Yippee I can near the fans shout.

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They are certain that it will be a success. “China’s Tencent Video has struck a deal with Coolabi Productions to develop the Warrior Cats book series for TV and film,” is the news. So, there will be both a TV series and a film. It will be animated rather than ‘real life’ which make sense.

The creators intend to work with the original characters and storylines. They will be the first authorised animated films of the novels.

Over 70 million Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter (four female authors) books have been sold; a testament to their incredible popularity. I feel that the reluctance to make a Warrior Cats movie was perhaps because the authors felt that each fan had created their own version of the movie in their minds. They did not want to shatter their imagination or they felt that a film would clash with their imagination and disappoint.

Perhaps the time has come to make the film because the popularity has waned which is perfectly normal. It is time to rejuvenate interest.

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The Coolabi Group CEO, Jeremy Banks said:

“Official animation has consistently been top of the list of requests made of us by the enormous global community of Warrior Cats fans and I cannot think of a better partner to collaborate with. My team and I could not be more excited about working with the wonderful team at Tencent Video and look forward to seeing Warriors Cats on screens, big and small, across the world.”

Jeremy Banks

I for one am delighted for the Warrior Cats fans. They have waited patiently. I believe that they will make this venture a success.

Years ago, I tried my hand at my own version of Warrior Cats just for the heck of it. Click on the link below to read the last episode of the story with links to more.

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