Warrior Cats movie update. New movie and TV series is being planned

This is another post on the upcoming Warrior Cats (WC) movie as my earlier post has not been picked up by Google! 🤔. And I want WC fans to be aware of this development as they’ve been very keen to hear the news for a long time.

This is a Warrior Cats movie update and it is an excellent one as Coolabi Group has announced on their website that they have signed a “groundbreaking development and production deal with Tencent Video for Warrior Cats”.

Warrior Cats movie and TV series will come at last
Warrior Cats movie and TV series will come at last
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The announce that they will “develop its global publishing phenomenon “Warrior Cats” for television and film.

This is going to be an animation film and a television series. Something that Warrior Cats (WC) afficionados have been begging for ages. About 12 or more years ago WC fans were clamouring for a WC film but they were always rejected. Now we have a good news story for these fans.

WC was and remains an amazingly successful book series that attracted millions of fans who wanted to start role play groups. There were many RPGs (role play groups) playing WC games on the internet.

The WC series of books sold over 70 million copies. They have been a fixture on the New York Times bestseller list for the past 16 years.

The producers intend to work with the original characters and storylines “to create animated adaptations with global appeal. This will be the first authorised official film of Warrior Cats.”

We are told by Coolabi that the fanbase is still there today with over 1.7 million annual users on the official Warrior Cats website in 2023. YouTube WC content attracted half a billion (500,000,000) viewings in 2023.

On TikTok the number was 2 billion although TikTok massages the viewing figures by playing videos in a loop.

On Roblox Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is “consistently one of the highest-ranking branded games on the platform having been played more than 430 million times.

We are delighted to have concluded an agreement with Tencent Video which will see Warrior Cats brought to animated life around the world. Official animation has consistently been top of the list of requests made of us by the enormous global community of Warrior Cats fans and I cannot think of a better partner to collaborate with. My team and I could not be more excited about working with the wonderful team at Tencent Video and look forward to seeing Warriors Cats on screens, big and small, across the world.”

Jermey Banks CEO of Coolabi Group.

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My webpage entitled “Warrior Cats movie” was top-ranked about 12 years ago and the article attracted 1,500 comments begging for the movie! Amazing. Now they can be pleased. It has come late as those great fans were probably 12-18 years of age at the time. They are now 24-30 years old some with families and work responsibilities. Anyway, it’s good news.

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  1. Is Tencet reliable? Where do we look. My ginger tabby King Arthur is a little warrior, sleeps quietly by my knees while waiting for me to make a move…
    Please keep us posted. 👍


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