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Warrior Cats Movie — 12 Comments

    • Nope. There won’t be now. At one time there was a lot of talk about it but it has faded away. Sad and a shame.

    • Good point. We have waited for years and years and at one time there were great expectations. One problem is that the Warrior Cat series may be less popular now than several years ago. If that is the case the chances of a movie are reduced. Happy Christmas Lexi.

  1. What is it: Christmas, among other things, is a time for goodies.
    “‘And yet, when you see an elephant embedded in its own earth, comfortable in its own skin, carrying its great weight effortlessly along on cushioned feet, the only possible response is: ˜Of course. 26.

    • Hi, you can see from the comments that a lot of people want a Warrior Cats movie. I had to stop comments for this page 2 years ago! I don’t think it will be made now. It has been discussed for ages and nothing has happened. But if it is made I don’t think they would make more than one but if the first one was successful maybe they would do one per series. How about a TV series? That might be a nice compromise.

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