Warrior Cats – murder and cannibalism

Introduction: this is the continuation of a Warrior Cats story written by me, Michael Broad, the owner of this website. This is the 10th instalment. The ninth instalment was written many years ago – a long time. You can go to the first instalment by clicking this link which I’d recommend to better understand the story.

In writing this story I have only very briefly read Warrior Cats stories. This is my version, and it will be different to the official version. I focus more on the interaction between cats and people who are called twolegs.

In my Warrior Cats stories there is a background persecution of feral cats as occurs in real life. So, in this fantasy Warrior Cats world I have introduced the realistic and sometimes harsh human world and written about the intersection between the wild feral cat and the humans who sometimes persecute them and who at other times are kind to them.

The cast in this episode and following episodes are as follows. The numbers will swell.

  • WarriorClan-the name of the clan;
  • Warrior Knight-the leader of WarriorClan;
  • Brightstar-the medicine cat of WarriorClan;
  • Scoutstar-navigator of this plan of cats as they travel to a better world;
  • Blackfoot-one of Warrior Knight’s lieutenants;
  • Lionblaze-another of Warrior Knight’s Lieutenants.

Warrior Knight is an F1 Savannah cat turned feral. The other cats are typical non-purebred feral cats.

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A chill wind rustled the sparse leaves of the black, statuesque trees surrounding the WarriorClan’s den. Winter had arrived and with it, hardship. Food was scarce and they struggled to keep warm. They had been lucky because they had found a massive woodpile left behind by loggers. It was an ideal home for the hundred-strong WarriorClan.

Warrior Cat - the leader of this Warrior cat group
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Warrior Cat – the leader of this Warrior cat group. The leader is a Warrior Knight – an F1 Savannah cat turned wild. Image: MikeB

Warrior Knight, the brave and celebrated leader of this clan had decided to take his followers hundreds of miles to the north to a village he had heard of where there were volunteer twolegs who were kind enough to feed feral cats. He intended to form a feral cat settlement just outside the village so as to try and keep peace with twolegs and live in harmony with them. He wanted the persecution to end and find a solution to the relationship between warrior cats and twolegs.

He needed a navigator. And in another stroke of good luck, such a cat had arrived yesterday. His name was Scoutstar. He had travelled 1000 leagues from the east having heard about the WarriorClan. He wanted to join them, and he knew that they had a den on the west side of the Great West River.

Scoutstar was able to navigate using the stars and his ability to pick up the Earth’s magnetic field. He could sense North, South, East and West. Scoutstar would lead them to this mythical village where they could live better lives.

But they were starving. The clan was in no position to travel. Some new kits had been born and the revised warrior code was clear. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different clan.

The kits were not yet apprentices because they were not at least six moons old. Warrior Knight had a keen responsibility to look after them, but he also had to look after the adults, the clan members and they were desperate for food.

Arguments started to arise within the clan about food. They were irritable and a group were sowing discontent. Water was available because the Great West River was not far away. Feral cats have a great capacity to survive without food for a long time. Warrior Knight remembered one instance when a group of clan members were trapped inside a human container for one full month, and they survived by licking the condensation from the inside walls of the container before they were released.

Warrior Knight knew that they could survive periods of extreme fasting, but he also knew that some clan members had reached their limit and they were plotting a heinous crime: murder and cannibalism, and he sensed it.

Some clan members plotted murder and cannibalism

Some clan members plotted murder and cannibalism. Image: MikeB

One of the kittens was weak and the parents couldn’t cope with looking after him. A group of four clan members huddled within a quiet corner of the log-pile den and decided to kill the kitten and eat him.

While Warrior Knight was sleeping, they carried out their dastardly deed. As a group they bit the kitten around the head and neck, and he died. They consumed him. They felt guilt and they knew they had broken the warrior cat revised code.

There was no evidence except the male kit was missing. Blackfoot, one of Warrior Knight’s trusted lieutenants investigated but he was presented with a wall of silence. After two full days, Scoutstar came forward and told Warrior Knight that he had overheard one of the plotters talking about killing the kit. Brightstar, the medicine cat, had assessed the remains of the kit and decided that murder had taken place.

After interrogation one of the murderers owned up and the four were exposed. They were banished from the clan that night. Warrior Knight knew that there had to be absolute discipline in the clan if they were to survive. They had to stick to their procedures and their methods, and the code had to be applied strictly so every clan member knew their duties within the rules. They had to work together as a high functioning team.

If some cats demonstrated to the leader that they were not team members, they must leave the clan.

Warrior Knight ordered the best hunters to go to the river’s edge, into small pools near the river to find prey animals to eat and bring back to the den. Some members were better hunters than others and some of them employed the true wild cat hunting techniques when fishing. These were the techniques of the fishing cat and the flat-headed cat, both celebrated wild cats able to trap and kill fish.

The hunting team brought back sufficient food after a full day to feed themselves and the clan and prepare themselves for the perilous trek north.

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