Warrior Cats roleplay sites! [Active and up to date!]

Warrior Cats roleplay sites! Active and up-to-date!

Looking for some nice, active, and friendly warrior cats roleplay / fan sites? Look no further!

I have three sites to show you!

www.rainpath.wetpaint.com or Rainpath, is a very friendly and welcoming warrior cats roleplay and fan site. Every person is welcomed and treated fairly. The site is struggling to stay active, but so far it’s doing great! There are five great Clans to choose from, MorningClan, ShineClan, PoppyClan, GoldenClan, and HeartClan.

The site is spectial to me, the creator, because I made it on the same day as my birthday, so I feel a sort of kinship with it XD created by Rainwish me :3

www.chasingthedream.wetpaint.com or CTD, is a more advanced warriors roleplay site. There, a bit more literacy is preferred, but not required. It does have a little problem with drama and lately, it’s in sort of an activity slump, but things are being worked out and we’re getting out of it. RushClan, FawnClan, DustClan, NorthernClanm and KestrelClan are the main Clans of the site. The community is friendly but I suggest you be able to mull through some of our downpoints! Created by Adderfang, now run by the head admins Rainwish me 😀 and SparkleTalon.

This last one is NOT my site, but it is probably one of the best ones you could ask for.
www.cinderpaw.wetpaint.com is a beautiful and very friendly site, made by Cinderstar. The members are all so kind to one another and there is generally no drama, and if there is, it’s always in PM’s. They always welcome people nicely and it is VERY active, and a very popular wetpaint warrior cats roleplay site. It has so much to do and I REALLY suggest you check it out! Made by Cinderstar.

Also, if you’re looking for a non warrior cats roleplay site, visit www.dragonpaws.wetpaint.com. It is a dragon-wolf roleplay site that takes place on a distant earthlike planet known as Chroma. It is home to many species and many beautiful landscapes. The community is very friendly and it is slowly growing more and more active! Created and run by Rainwish me again XD sorry

I really hope you check them out 😀

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Warrior Cats roleplay sites! [Active and up-to-date!]

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Apr 29, 2012
My site is active!
by: Hunter

Okay i have a Warriors site, AND it’s active. It has 46 members, and a lot are active. We have a plot right now, that still has spots open. Me need medicine cats. Please joiN!

Oct 28, 2011
New Site
by: Anonymous

I have recently created a new site that needs members and I would greatly appreciate it if you would join. Here is a link:
Thank you so much!

Oct 01, 2011
by: pepperpaw


Aug 19, 2011
Gemclans,as always.
by: Frostedsoul

I have this neat site at proboards,it’s called theclansofgems.proboards.com
And we are in need of
Queens in all clans
Deputys in all clans
Medicine cats in all clans

Jun 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a cool site. My friend is a part of it and needs more members.

Jun 23, 2011
Everlasting Warrior Wish
by: Oreo

Hiya everyone! Everlasting Warrior Wish is a Warrior Cat website,based of of Erin Hunter’s best selling series::

As a full summary::
Everlasting Warrior Wish, or EWW, is based off of the popular Warrior cat series by Erin Hunter. Not based completely on the books, we allow a variety of different Clans and cats here. As we have just started out, we are looking for worthy members to be an addition to our staff. There will be many roles to be filled in later days, when we have more members, soeveryone must hold steady until then! We would be happy to have you!
We want members who we can brag about! :3

Apr 30, 2011
by: Shiningstar

Hey guys, I have joined a great role play website very similar to the warriors books, but we need more members. I have an offer to make. The new member that gets us to 10 members gets a small prize. The member that gets us to 20 gets a bigger prize. and it goes on until 100. The prize for 100 is the BIGGEST! I promise you, it’ll be worth it. So please just check it out!

Jan 13, 2011
Please join my website!
by: Hawkfire

Please join this site:
I really need members who are active! I have about 3 members who get on often, including me! PLEASE JOIN! You can role play in one of the for clans, along with star clan and dark forest. More roleplaying opportunities to come! PLEASE JOIN!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! And if you join, PLEASE STAY ACTIVE!!!!!!!

Nov 20, 2010
Great Site
by: Honeystar

www.feline-forest.webs.com This is a very fun, friendly roleplay! Great graphics and active members! Owned by me, Honeystar, and Dark Sin. Some deputy positions are still open! Join us today!


Oct 26, 2010
Warrior Cats RolePlay
by: Froststar

This site will probably be published sometime in December. You can choose from five Clans: BreezeClan, BrightClan, CherryClan, ClawClan, and DoveClan. You can also be a loner rouge, kittypet, or an ancient cat like Jay’s Wing. Maybe someday I might add some Wolf Packs. When you join, your name will look like this:
Frostfur-white she-cat with blue eyes. (rped by Froststar)
It will also have a wikia (a.k.a wiki) pic under it. (Not if you join one of the Clans) You can rp up to six cats and queens can have up to four kits at once and seven kits in all. If you want to see what your pic may look like, go on www.google.com. Google a simple name like “Petalnose”. Don’t do Redtail though because things like “Red Tail Golf Course” will come up instead. Usually warrior cats wiki is the first result. If it is, click on it. You will find information about that cat. Scroll down to the bottom, and usually it will have the “versions” of the cat. So for Petalnose, it would have her kittypet version, queen version, and warrior version. So if you’re gonna be a pale gray she-cat and you’re gonna be a queen, then Petalnose may be the pic I choose for you. (Or Willowpelt)

Oct 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

this is a GREAT site and ALWAYS very active!!!! www.feline-forest.webs.com please join this amazing site!!!
~Shadowclan deputy

Sep 21, 2010
updates on these sitessss
by: Rainy

dragonpaws is no longer active… ^-^’ maybe I’ll give that another try later..but for now, it’s dead.
Rainpath and Chasing the Dream are still going! 🙂

Sep 16, 2010
Another Site!
by: Brittany


I reaaally recomend this site! It is one of the best I’ve ever played on, and is ALWAYS active!! The Creator of the site is very polite and is very helpful. And she has great advice if you need help!

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Warrior Cats roleplay sites! [Active and up to date!] — 5 Comments

  1. A darkness is coming like no other. One by one the stars of their ancestors will fall from the sky and be replaced with red. Coveclan, Breezeclan, Willowclan, Summitclan and Grottoclan are about to embark on a journey to test their very lives. A new threat is coming to the clans and it wants them gone. Starclan is powerless to help because they are under attack as well. They have tried to warn the clans but their warnings keep getting interrupted. Come join our ranks and make your mark in the battle for survival!

    Unique and unpredictable plot! Unique clan history, clans and ideas! Fun member games, challenges, contests and events! Cryptic and scavenger hunt style plot with Starclan leaving its mark on the clans. Plot events with little warning to keep members on their toes and waiting for the next moment to test their fate! We are a community that believes everyone should have a say and everyone should feel welcome! Check out Kitska, talk to our members, look around. I promise you wont regret it.

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