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Warrior Cats roleplay sites! [Active and up to date!] — 8 Comments

  1. A darkness is coming like no other. One by one the stars of their ancestors will fall from the sky and be replaced with red. Coveclan, Breezeclan, Willowclan, Summitclan and Grottoclan are about to embark on a journey to test their very lives. A new threat is coming to the clans and it wants them gone. Starclan is powerless to help because they are under attack as well. They have tried to warn the clans but their warnings keep getting interrupted. Come join our ranks and make your mark in the battle for survival!

    Unique and unpredictable plot! Unique clan history, clans and ideas! Fun member games, challenges, contests and events! Cryptic and scavenger hunt style plot with Starclan leaving its mark on the clans. Plot events with little warning to keep members on their toes and waiting for the next moment to test their fate! We are a community that believes everyone should have a say and everyone should feel welcome! Check out Kitska, talk to our members, look around. I promise you wont regret it.

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