Warrior Cats Romances?

Warrior Cats Romances?

by Michael (Admin)

Cat romance - photo  by Marta Jimenez

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Cat romance - photo by Marta Jimenez

It has been a long time since the chat boxes were put on the Warrior Cats page of this website. They have proved to be successful because it gives warrior cats role players from different groups and different websites a meeting place and a chance to meet up on the internet. It is a specialist meeting place for human warrior cats!

This got me thinking. There are millions of messages on the chat boxes. Has a romantic relationship started from these chat boxes? That would interest me.

If a couple have met in person as a result of exchanging messages on either of these chat boxes, I would like you to write about it using the form on this page.

If someone does write about it I'll consider giving a little prize for the article if it is good enough. But please make it genuine. I can tell when it isn't!

When I set up these chat boxes the idea behind them was to allow warrior cats from across the internet and not just one role play site to meet up, to discuss WC role play and maybe go one step further and meet in person.

Has that happened? I really hope that it has.

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