Warrior Cats the RPG

Warrior Cats the RPG

by Matthew
(New York)

Warrior Cats the RPG takes place after the Great Journey, when the cats are back in their old forest. The site has more than 2,000 members, with excellent plot ideas.

Shadowclan no more believes in Starclan, but in Nightclan. They have grown dark, and hold sacrifices in their own clan ,killing half-bloods.

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Warrior Cats the RPG

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Aug 03, 2009
My new site!
by: leafstar-clans

It has been many moons since Firestar and his era of Clans. The Clans are still alive, but borders are being threatened, tensions are rising, and some cats are forming forbidden relationships. One wrong move, and the Clans will be thrown into battle. Join the fight for peace now!


Jan 01, 2008
Thanks for input
by: Anonymous

Mathew, thanks for the posting. I like ’em. The more the better.

Your posting will be picked up by Google Alerts and sent around the world to be seen by potentially many thousands of people. A good way to spread the word.


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