Warrior Cats: The Spirits of the Forest Roleplay

Warrior Cats: The Spirits of the Forest Roleplay

by Lightstar

The Spirits of the Forest

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The Spirits of the Forest

It began seasons ago, just a moon after the snow started falling. ThunderClan was thriving, and so were all the other Clans. One warrior named Lightstone went out one day to search for prey to keep her Clan strong. Instead, she found true love.

Blitzfire, a half-ThunderClan and half-RiverClan tom, wasn't favoring his life too much. He was sitting alone under an oak tree when he met Lightstone. The two immediately fell in love, but then Blitzifre recieved a message from StarClan.

They were telling him to make a new Clan. They traveled in search of a new forest. From there, Blitzfire created the new Clan and took on the challenge of it's leadership, and received the name Blitzstar. He named the Clan LightClan in honor of his mate. Lightstone was named deputy.
And so it all started....

After a full year of living in the new territory, everything had changed. Everything. LakeClan had formed, then MountainClan, then DappleClan, then DarkClan, then SilentClan. Evil rose. Many battles were fought. Many Clan cats died, including the noblest of leaders- Blitzstar and Lightstar. Then StarClan gave a huge twist to everything.

A time warp. To stop the darkness from rising again, StarClan reversed the time back to the beginning of LightClan. Nothing was the same. Lightstone fell in love with another, and so did Blitzstar, and yet they still tried to make up their errors. Four kits hold the power of the whole world in their paws, and more.

Nothing will be the same.

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The Spirits of the Forest

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