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This is a long page on warrior cats that has been reduced a bit today 17th April 2013 because Annie says it is too long ;). Nowadays, a lot of it has value from an historic standpoint. It shows you what WC RPG was like five years ago! Please scroll down this long page so see it all. The poll results are quite interesting because there is a high turnover of Warrior Cat sites so some have disappeared and perhaps, in the spring of 2013, the peak period of the WC cult is over.

Warrior Cats, for those few who haven’t heard, is a book series about cats, written by Erin Hunter, who is in fact 4 women. The book is published by Harper Collins. The three authors and storyline manager are:

  • Cherith Baldry (one of the writers)
  • Kate Cary (another writer)
  • Victoria Holmes (she creates the story and ensures consistency between books
  • Tui Sutherland (one of the writers)

This web page is mainly about the WC RPG (Roll Play Games) based on this popular book series. This page is designed to tell visitors which are the best Warrior Cats websites and as a place where WC fans from different forums can exchange views generally and promote their websites.

I was asked what the purposes of these chat boxes was. The answer is they are for warrior cats role players from different sites, forums and places to meet up, discuss warrior cats, perhaps role play and make friends. At the heart is the idea that WC role players from anywhere should have a place meet up.

Update 13th August 2016. This page has been on the internet for about 8 years. A long time for the internet. I have stopped doing polls but the ones on this page still work although the poll voting for the best role play site is now well out of date – sorry but that’s the way it goes. The dialogue box is still used. Thanks for still using it. You are amazing for doing it. It has been used for many years. If you want me to add something to the page just tell me in a comment!

If you would like to chat here is the first cbox…


Firestar (Female), leader of ThunderClan suggested that I use an xat box, so here it is. Feel free to try it or the chat box above.

Update: These chat boxes have been a success but times change and I have had to delete the second one because it costs money to keep it going and it is not being used anymore. Thanks for participating.

IvyClan’s Destiny— this is part 1 of a really nice Warrior Cats story by DappleStar. It is dedicated to Flamey. Dapplestar is sorry that she can’t get on PoC much anymore. Watch this space. The cast is:
  • Scourge Jr. : Aigis
  • Firestorm: Flame
  • DappleStar: Dapplez
  • Pantherheart: Panther

….IvyClan’s Destiny Part 2 and IvyClan’s Destiny Part 3 now out (March 17th 2012). These links open in new windows. Read the episode and return here to link to the next…IvyClan’s Destiny Part 4 – what you have been waiting for! IvyClan’s Destiny Part 5 has just arrived. Here is IvyClan’s Destiny Part 6 and IvyClans’s Destiny Part 7. The final part for a while is Part 8…New today..Part 9Part 10 is out. Annie has written Part 11 (Aug 18th 2012).

Warrior Cats Writing Competition (start 3rd June 2010): I will award a $350 prize (PayPal only – winner must have PayPal account) to the best short Warrior Cats story. The competition runs for 6 months until 3rd November 2010. The story can be any length but must be at least 60 lines long. The form below should be used. Only stories that are selected to be judged will be published. Good luck…Michael PoC Admin…note: this is real and genuine but I reserve the right to withold the prize if all the stories are of insufficient standard

Update 3rd Sept. 2010: This is an excellent example: Broken Destiny~part 1. Update 3rd Nov. 2010: The competition is now closed. I am deciding the winner which will be between Broken Destiny~part 1 and Rising Leader parts 1 and 2. Please give me a few days to announce the winner Update 7th Nov. 2010: I have decided that the winner is Morningstar the author of Broken Destiny~part 1. This was a difficult decision as there is very little difference in quality. Well done Morningstar. You will need to contact me please by email and provide me with your PayPal account details – click on this link: my email address is here. Update 16th Dec. 2010: The prize of $350 has been sent to the winner. Well done.

Matt, head admin at the collected the winner’s prize of $150 in the second poll – 8th February 2010. Well done. 2nd place went to and third place to survivorcatsx.proboards53 – Survivor cats.

Poll 27th Jan 2010

Who are you? What sort of person is a Warrior Cat fan and role player? This poll is by you and for you.

The poll allows multiple answers and one vote per day.

Click on the following link to see the result of the first poll on the subject of “WHO ARE YOU?
WC Fan Profile  —

wc book form

There was a long standing poll which asked how many hours per day you spent on WC RPG. The poll is closed but here is the result:

Warrior Cat Story – Why not read this story about a Warrior Knight who has come to lead all Warrior cats into the light of a Brave New World of equality. Written for the domestic cat and all animals. This was written by Michael Broad. The site’s owner. Brave and mad but I did it….

Part 1 – Warrior Cat of Legend and Myth
Part 2 – Warrior Cat – The Clan Leaders
Part 3 – Warrior Cat – The Fear of the Uknown
Part 4 – Warrior Cat – The End of the Beginning
Part 5 – A Warrior Knight’s Dream
Part 6 – Warrior Cat – The Turning of the Tide
Part 7 – Warrior Cat – The First Attack
Part 8 – Warrior Cat – The Nomads
Part 9 – Warrior Cat – The Long March

Finally, there are lots of Warrior Cat articles written by visitors that are either personally written fictional stories or promotions of websites started by Warrior Cat fans. You can see links to all these by clicking on the following link:

Visitors Articles written by Warrior Cats fans.

Please comment here using either Facebook or WordPress (when available).
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Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in a many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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