Warrior Cat-The Clan Leaders

Warrior Cat-The Clan Leaders

by Michael ©Michael.B.
(Brave New World)

The Warrior Knight - a Savannah cat photo ©Helmi Flick

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The Warrior Knight - a Savannah cat photo ©Helmi Flick

This is a continuation of the first part of this warrior cat story.

It was to be a long night, an anxious night. The Clan leaders were meeting in the forest chamber, the chamber where all the great decisions about the clans were made. This time it was going to be different, very different. They were to have in their presence this distinguished cat, bigger than any of them. He frightened some and some he intimidated. But this Warrior Knight had no intention to intimidate. He had come to lead them into the light, the light of a new harmony and a brave new world.

The challenge was great for the Warrior Knight. He had to be accepted. The clan leaders didn't know him; he knew they would test him and some would go against him. The alpha cats would fight him because that is all they knew. They were driven to control others and to benefit from others. The warrior knight quickly assessed the situation in the chamber. He knew he would have to win over RazerClaw, a clan leader who was a great warrior cat but not a good leader. He would be trouble. He would divide the other clans and above all else the Warrior Knight could achieve nothing unless they were together in this hazardous journey to the promised land of true freedom.

He had promised them a new life, a life more in tune with their inner selves. But as wise as he was, he knew that many of the clan leaders and followers had lost touch with the yearning from within themselves. It had been snuffed out by the rigors of survival in a hostile world. The clans lived by the day; each day was a fresh challenge. Many warrior cats secretly wished to return to the sanctuary of a twolegs home, the easy way where they were treated as kittens, children, where they had to ask for everything from twolegs who owned them. They craved the security but despised the ownership. They had fought with their consciences.

The Warrior Knight sensed this. His moment had come. He had to seize it to make his life worthwhile, to make himself a true leader. If he could silence Razerclaw and persuade the doubters he could build momentum, belief and confidence in all the clans and begin the journey.

The Warrior Knight had read the great books. He had learnt from twolegs' mistakes. He knew that twolegs would always be unable to live in harmony if he continued to follow arrogant self interest rather than working towards a better community for all and accept his failings and the failings of others. Cats were more accepting of others, this was a fine basis for the creation of a new harmonious home for the warrior cats.

He would have to impose his will on the others. He was confident that they would willingly follow once they had been persuaded. And the Warrior Knight was the greatest of persuaders and although he didn't know it yet, the greatest warrior cat of all.

He stood to address the encircled clan leaders. The moon was full. The trees whispered and spoke to him, reassured him. The wild was his world, it stirred his blood, he sensed his prowess, his strength. He was ready.

In a clear and brave voice, he declared,

"I have come to lead you into the light of a brave new world, where you will be free, feel free. Where you will know the meaning of being in harmony with nature, from whenst you came; from the earth. Where you will treasure the earth and the landscape in defiance of twolegs, who likes to control nature and destroy it. Twolegs followed the "bad way". He sought pleasure, he bought pleasure. He distanced himself from his origins and was an orphan never to find his parents, the landscape, the land into which all twolegs returned.

We must live our lives as warrior cats not as demanded by twolegs. Never must we enter the artificial world they have created, soulless, devoid of true meaning. We must embrace nature again, be at one with it, caress it and feel it heal our souls.

This we will do in the brave new world. Will you follow me.............."

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Warrior Cat-The Clan Leaders

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Jun 20, 2008
Part II
by: Helmi

Ah, this is a wonderful read. I feel as if I am there. I think I might have an image for you for RazerClaw -- another Savannah, of course. You are fleshing out WarriorKnight in a logical and understandable way and you have me rivited to my screen.

Give me more!

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