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RIVERCLAN ON WCARPG...Desolatestar, a cat like none other. And she's leader of Riverclan on WC. Tangled up with Dezzy, the all lovable voice in her head, she makes frequent mistakes.

Making even ceremonies - the most dull and repetitive thing ever - entertaining. She's like a pringle, you just can't read one post. Join Riverclan! It's DOOMED! *cackles* (Yes, I'm weird, amazing, and all so modest. I'm an amazing drawer. LOOK.... Oh my gosh. A butterfly).

"Bubblepaw, you've trained diligently under the ways of the warrior, and it's now time for you to become one yourself." Desolatestar meowed. Another warrior for Riverclan, hopefully a nice one. She continued on. "Do you promise to love me and cherish me until death do us part?" The words slipped past and went unnoticed by herself for a few moments. But she was quick to catch on, for the words ring in her ears. Deeeeeezzy? Desolatestar whispered in her mind, a look of horror spreading across her face.

And that's just a sample. You might ask why would I do that? Because Desolatestar is a creature of pure whim - and when I set my mind on something I make Desolatestar charge right up to a dog - coated in mousebile.

Or is that just me?

Link: Warrior Cats the RPG


Hi Yewberry... nice post. I like it. I added (a) a picture and (b) a link. I hope you find that OK.

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