WARRIORS (I don’t know what else to call it!)

WARRIORS (I don’t know what else to call it!)

by Jess
(Wyoming, USA)

Arn't these kittens just plain adorable?

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Arn't these kittens just plain adorable?

I love warriors. It's the best book series ever. EVER!!!! I'm addicted to warriors, I even made up warrior names for me and my friends.

I also am writing a wolf version of it. yep, I said it (more like typed it, but anyhow), a WOLF VERSION.

What do think of that?

I also filled a notebook with six of my own clans (these ones are cats).

The clans are called:

* FireClan- the feirce and brave.
* StreamClan- the exellent swimmers and fishers.
* SkyClan- the great leapers.
* LightningClan- the cat's who don't tire
* SwiftClan- the fast
* PreyClan- the never-starving cats.

(I exaggerated some of them)

The leaders of all the clans:

* FireClan- Burnstar. A big greyish black tom. dark orangeish eyes.

* StreamClan- Boulderstar. A strong, Dark gray tom. Silver eyes.

* SkyClan- Cloudstar. A large blueish-whiteish tom. light blue eyes.

* LightningClan- Sparkstar. a dark yellow tabby she-cat. amber eyes.

* SwiftClan- Windstar. a white-beige tom with black stripes. lightish green eyes.

* PreyClan- Squirrelstar. small she-cat. dark green eyes.


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