Warriors;; Times’ Day

Warriors;; Times’ Day

by Bladedstar
(Las Vegas)


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Greetings everyone, and welcome to Warrior Cats: A RPG! Naturally, this is a warrior cats role-play website! You become your own feral cat, and experience your own dangerous adventures, life-risking fights, hunts for subsistence, and much more marvelous things! Any of your friends are also welcome to join and have as much fun as you do! Primarily, everyone here has observed this website because of Erin Hunter creating the spectacular Warriors series! Lastly, the staff, including I, deal with all of your needs and/or requests, so don't be shy and hide behind a den!

The Clans have been peaceful for more than twelve moons. Bird feathers lying everywhere in Each of the 4 Clans as They have cared for their Clan better than two-legs could, shared their food and water, and experienced their life with their clanmates and there is no sound of the predator. However, the sun has pointed its face toward their forest, unleashing a blazing heatwave. Is this StarClan's power & What is going on with the clans, and who is the predator? The answer has not been found. Does it mean something injurious is coming? Did the Clans do something selfish to offend StarClan? No one knows. . .

Waves will come. . .
deaths will be sentenced. . .
joy will rotten to flames. . .
and water will perish. . .
Four will become won. . .
Birds will die everywhere. . .
and The Predator Awakens. . . .

Come join the Battle!

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Warriors;; Times' Day

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May 17, 2009
Thanks for posting
by: Anonymous

Hi,I thought this was a nice post. Thanks for promoting your site here.

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