Warriorz;; The RPG

Warriorz;; The RPG

by Glacierz

Warriorz RPG is based off a series called Warriors written by Erin Hunter. As of now high positions are open. Come all, come all; you won't regret it. Our site is based off the forest theme. ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan. You become your own feral cat, and experience your own dangerous adventures, life-risking fights, hunts for subsistence, Role play with other people on the World Wide Web, and much more marvelous things!

Anyone Role Player Welcomed


There always have been 4 clans in the forest. Is it just a coincidence? The Clans have been peaceful for more than twelve moons. They have cared for their Clan better than two-legs could, shared their food and water, and experienced their life with their clanmates. However, the sun has pointed its face toward their forest, unleashing a blazing heatwave. Is this StarClan's power, or is there a curse, set by DeathClan upon the clans? Does it mean something injurious is coming? Did the Clans do something selfish to offend StarClan? Many find their loves falling from around them....What is happening to the forest? No one knows. . .

Waves will come. . .
deaths will be sentenced. . .
joy will rotten to flames. . .
and water will perish. . . .

The Clanz are about to witness a rogue unleashing its claws int anything it sees along with the bobcat. When the answers are revealed, will a battle break out? Will you join us today, and join in on the fight for your clan?

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Warriorz;; The RPG

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Aug 30, 2009
The Best
by: Anonymous

This is the best promo for a WC RPG site I have seen and the site looks awesome. Good luck.

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