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Was Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate racist when he joked about Chinese people eating cats? — 3 Comments

  1. No. He’s right they do eat cats and dogs. Some claim it’s tradition but it’s not. During the great revolution people were starving. They began eating anything and everything. They began eating their cats and dogs then moved to bats and pangolins. Even after they weren’t starving they still continued to have wet markets and thank you very much Covid19 was born. I kept telling the Chinese government one day they will eat a diseased animal and it would spread to others. I begged them to close their wet markets. And today they still have wet markets and so do we here in the USA. You can’t fix stupid…

  2. When my husband and I visited China in 2005, our Chinese tour guide said, “Japanese take pictures of everything, Americans buy everything, and Chinese eat everything.” Back then, I only remember seeing one fairly prosperous city (Jinan) where people had dogs and cats as pets. On television, there was criticism of open animal markets where cages were stacked on top of each other, as the avian flu was raging at the time.

    • Yep, they do eat everything. And nowadays it is frowned on because it severely damages conservation. For instance the pangolin is going extinct because they think that eating the scales gives them better health. The scales are made of keratin, the same stuff that makes our nails. The same goes for rhino horn. It is insane superstition and it is killing million of animals often in a brutal, unregulated way. Thanks for commenting.

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