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Was Kristen Lindsey drunk when she killed Tiger? — 3 Comments

  1. Alcohol? Possibly.
    What person in their right mind, except for a cat hater, would do such a hideous thing?
    Most vets are acclaimed as animal lovers. I can’t think of one that I know, even drunk or drugged, that would perform such an act.
    She is no more than a monster.
    I wished prison time for her.

    • Some of her conditions for the program are probably harder and offer her more chance of failure than simply being locked up.

  2. As I would have loved to speculate in my court case and in the complaint before the state veterinary board I suspected this condition later when looking back but have no proof. There was something off about the behavior of Lindsey and my bad vet the day they were guilty of negligent behavior.
    Regardless of Lindsey’s possible alcohol blood level she is of legal age and aware of what drinking does to the mind and are no less culpable for their actions.
    I have wondered about her mental state because in my experience no sane person wanders around their yard with a bow and arrow looking for a cat to kill.

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