Was Sage, the Cat, Pushed through the Dog Door by the Person Who Tortured Him?

This is a theory and it comes from Ruth in America who is a valued, regular contributor to this website. I think it’s a good theory which is why I’m airing it here.

Reward up to$42,600 for Utah cat tortured to death
Reward up to $42,600 for Utah cat tortured to death
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She believes that Sage, the cat who was brutally tortured and which made headline news across the internet, may have been pushed through the dog door (dog flap) by the person who tortured him. And the person who tortured him may have been in dispute with Sage’s owners. The reason behind the torture may have been to dramatically upset the cat’s owners and send a message. The online papers say that Sage struggled back to his home and climbed through the dog door in one last heroic effort. I am guessing that his owners found him just inside the dog door.

My personal view is that this theory needs to be investigated by the police. Let’s put it this way: the most likely person to have tortured this much loved cat to the point of his death is a neighbour or someone living not too far away and on whose property Sage wandered.

I have read thousands of articles about cats on the internet. Often when a cat is abused the most likely culprit is someone living nearby who hates a cat or cats coming onto their property. A lot of people hate that. It gets them mad as hell.

Therefore, the person who did this may be a neighbour living not too far away; a person who hates cats. Some neighbors may know him. In addition, or alternatively, this person may have a personal grudge against the cat’s owners (the Gomez family) which is unrelated to cats and he wanted to take it out on them.

I would have thought that the police should interview the Gomez family and ask whether there is anybody that they know who has a grudge against them or with whom they are in dispute. I would like to thank Ruth for this theory which enables me to write this short follow-up article. I have added my own thoughts.

P.S. Ruth donated $100 in memory of this brave and loved cat companion. Something good needs to come out of this tragic story.

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94 thoughts on “Was Sage, the Cat, Pushed through the Dog Door by the Person Who Tortured Him?”

  1. I just found this thread.

    If Sage was found limping or dragged himself,wouldn’t their be drag marks in the yard?

    If the person did put him in the dog door
    Wouldn’t there be evidence on the dog door?

    Also,if he was found at bottom of the stairs.That means the person WALKED into the house and placed him there.

    1. Yes, thanks for your thoughts. What disturbs me is that the police don’t seem to have made any progress and I’d thought it would not be that difficult a crime to solve.

    1. Thanks Joanne. The varying accounts are worrying. I’ll research this more. Although I hate to see this poor cat. It is very upsetting.

      1. its very upsetting, but there is so much more. people continue to say there is an owner connection. As you watch the video link, notice they are smiling too. The story accounts continue to change. I don’t believe this was a random act. And now the owners are all over the net. I could go on and on. Know that the pictures you see, Sage is comatose. I doubt he feels much of anything. As I looked at the pictures, I notice his nose was black too.

        My father use to tell me, a liar lies a thousand times, but an honest man tells the truth but once. So now Michael per the link you will hear the account from the owner herself he was found outside on the front lawn. I have talked to many people. More and more I find don’t believe what they read. I talked to a few vets. One went so far as to say they should be investigating the household. One vet couldn’t understand, why they didn’t put sage down instead of extending the misery. He was too far gone.

        Anyway, one can draw their own conclusions…There are times even now, I cry for him. I lit a candle in his memory. Another Animal communicator I wrote said she would send healing light to him. All any of us can do now is send love and let him know how special he is. He isn’t dead, only his body gave out. I believe in Karma and what they did to him will come back to whoever…

        1. I also saw the smiling photo and watched videos of the owner giving different accounts… while only ONE must be the truth. NO WAY was Sage as the owner stated, able to find his way and make it home by himself. Conflicting stories of the black collar and where he was found don’t add up. If you noticed too the initial photos of Sage were obviously taken of him in the home on their bedding. Why oh why wasn’t he immediately taken to a vet why wouldn’t the owner insist on putting him out of his pain instead of keeping him alive for even one minute more? This is one horrific story I’ll never get over. It should have been solved by now and arrests should have been made. Joanne is 100% right, *a liar lies a thousand times, but an honest man tells the truth but once.* It’s so obvious that lies have been told to cover the truth. We need to reach out to the investigators and authorities as the time this is taking is nothing less than unacceptable.

          1. I so agree with you Vicki. and you have summed everything up. Please if we all rally and make the call even if its anonymous, we are reaching out. I plan to make my call next week.

            Liars forget what they tell… The beginning story was sage went through the doggie door andwas found by her sister at 6.30am. Now, its been disputed by what the owner herself said and its on the net. I questioned all of this from the beginning. He didn’t limp home. He was dying and his brain was shutting down. I believe he was run into a wall. The clue here is his black nose. The area involved from the pictures shows most of his face and head. Brain infection started and not treated continued and then his blood pressure went up and up and finally his heart gave out because it couldn’t pump. I researched so much on the net.

            all of us know, if this were a random act, he would have been left… But you see, the cat shows up now on their front lawn. And they want you to believe, he limped home. The cat was comatose. This is what the vets i talked to believe. And one went so far as to say to investigate the household. Nothing more has been said about a black collar. I don’t believe that account either. One last thing that one of the vets pointed out to me is this, why didn’t the place they went put him down. Why did they extend the misery.

            Now it seems that the owners are the stars of the show.

  2. Michael, Now that the reward has reached $61,850 can’t the amount displayed blow Sage’s photo be changed

  3. I hope that those involved in the investigation come to this site. Its amazing how so many people all over the world believe there is an owner connection.

    we are no buying the stories that have been told. the evidence and the stories don’t match up. how many times per their reviews will it take for them to figure it out.

    people are upset and they want answers. I can say ok, I understand not releasing much information right now, but if they cant find who did this, I wonder what will it say to others who take animals and hurt and kill them. I have maintained that there are people who just shouldn’t have animals. Nothing was ever said by the owner about Sage being gone for four days. That has to tell all of us something.

  4. Even if THIS was specifically a crime against that family it’s bound to be repeated. Now that the murderer of such a helpless innocent creature has tasted blood and felt such power I can’t help but think that whoever committed this crime will feel the NEED to experience it again just for the adrenaline and thrill of it. God forbid this becomes a repetitious part of that community simply because the powers that be failed to act.

  5. Two days ago I read the reward for Sage’s torturer has grown to more than $61,000 yet still no one has come forward with any significant information leading to an arrest. Someone KNOWS who did this…someone close by who knew this family well enough to commit the atrocity then return his little body. The monster who took pleasure in inflicting so much pain on Sage lives in that community and is walking among them. Is there some kind of cover up going on preventing an arrest? If not, there is no reason…NONE…why authorities haven’t focused on someone by now.

    1. I agree Vicki. With such a large reward and with the perpetrator living in the community (almost certainly) I am surprised that we don’t have news of catching this person.

  6. it would be nice if the cops could read all the posts. Now I wonder who is scheming how to collect the reward. I know that the investigation has been hushed up for now. Ok I say, perhaps, they don’t want anything more leaked out.

    We live in violent times. And I cant help thinking that maybe sage was brought home lone before he was found and just left there to die. Nothing much makes sense from all the stories we read. He couldn’t even hold his head up. His motor skills were not there. His brain was injured beyond repair. He didn’t know where he was and at that point, I don’t think he knew much of anything. That is why I send sage positive energy now. I try not to think of who did this, but try to comfort Sage. His soul is immortal and all that died was his body.

    I hope whoever did this, will be tortured mentally forever. Karma always has its way. Karma is nothing more than a balance sheet of all our actions that accumulate from one life time to the next.

    I read that by forgiving, we let go and karma goes away. I know that in forgiveness we forgive ourselves. What I worry about is hanging on to the negative might mean we attract more of it.

    Sage deserved better. And for sure if my cat went missing for an hour, I will be on the streets. Breaks my heart that nothing was said about him being gone for four days.

    Do you think the tears for Sage were real by those who claimed to love him the most?

  7. Something just occurred to me and have to wonder it has to anyone else. Since is isn’t uncommon for the perpetrator of a crime to revisit the scene of it and hide in plain sight even attending a vigil for their victim. There were many photographs taken at Sage’s vigil and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if his tortured was among the attendees.

    1. Yes, good idea, Vicki. I’d be my bottom dollar that the police are not giving as much thought to catching the perpetrator as us.

  8. Michael, you said “We have to try and put Sage out of our minds because it hurts us. I know this is sad but it is the only way.” I’m finding THAT impossible especially considering no one has been arrested for this despicable crime. There seems to be no further information to be found on the Internet and nothing at all is being reported. I recently came across and article asking that we pray in love and forgiveness for the monster who tortured Sage and was sickened by it. We mustn’t put Sage out of our minds at lest until if and when someone is held accountable.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Vicky. I agree with your last sentence quite definitely. You have qualified my statement very nicely. I agree that we should not put Sage out of our minds all the time because we need to help the authorities pursue the perpetrator of this crime if we can.He needs to be caught. By God he needs to be caught and he needs to be punished severely. My feeling is that it should be not that hard to find him but, personally, I do not have a lot of faith in the police, regrettably.

      1. Regrettably I agree for if they were seriously anxious to find this criminal I think they would have by now. Sadly for little Sage in too much of the population’s minds he was just an animal. I know it may sound absurd but when I think of what he endured I can only imagine in his mind with each of his many painful injuries he must have been thinking *PLEASE DON’T…PLEASE STOP* and ache for him. I’m sorry to be such a pest but he was voiceless so we must speak on his behalf.

        1. I agree with all of you. I connected with an animal communicator who at this point couldn’t connect with Sage. It just wasn’t meant to be for her. I also met with a person who is psychic too. She told me they waited awhile before taking sage to the vet. I continued to feel a connection to the owner and the abuser.

          I just cant go back to that place where the attack took place. But I believe this act was like a crime of passion. All three of us saw similar things. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t break down. I talked to a number of vets who said sage didn’t feel much of anything after his head was bashed in.

          All I can do at this point is offer love to Sage. I believe if more of us let him know how much love we have for him, it will soften our heart for revenge. All of the news has been cut off at this point. I can only hope the investigators will concentrate on the evidence and not all the stories we have been told.

          For sure, I don’t believe the cat limped home. He was pushed through the door. That is the way the evidence goes. It would be wonderful and the abuser was caught. And it would be wonderful if the laws in this state were changed. to me life whatever specie is life.. Its not just a cat to me.

          Rest in everlasting peace my darling Sage.

          1. Thank you, Joanne, for your wise and tender words. I hope he is caught. He should be caught if the police do a proper job.I would like some more news as well about how the investigation is going.

            1. I doubt there will be any news about the investigation. I just try to concentrate my energy on Sage. I truly believe he lives on, and all that died was his physical body.

              I think we all feel helpless to a degree. I hope that karma will torture those responsible. But again, karma works in ways maybe we don’t understand.

              As I have said before, I was told the man handling the investigation is good. I hope he will conduct the investigation as to the evidence and not all the stories that were released by the press.

              I will never believe Sage Limped home. I ask how does the owner know the exact time he was found. Does finding him and limping home equate to the same thing. A friend of mine who is psychic told me, the owner waited hours to take Sage to a vet. I would have been at an er clinic as fast as I could have. Where was the family at 6.30… Kids would have been up getting ready for school. Why the sister who finds Sage.

              We only hear about the woman who owns the cat as being one of the owners… are there others. For someone to go to such lengths to torture Sage says to me, they had more of an interest than a stranger. Who brought Sage home. And a stranger would have let him die and no evidence would ever have been found if not brought home. When I write these words, I get so sad because I believe there is a connection and someone took their mental problems out on Sage as though he were human.

              When I hear about how humans are the smartest specie of all, I realize that’s only because humans think it.

  9. I agree with you. I believe the cat didn’t limp home. It was the brain injuries that caused his death. Maybe he could have survived the other injuries. I just know that I tapped into a very negative energy. I saw my hypnotist. I don’t want to go into what I saw, we both cried. For now, I have to concentrate on loving Sage. But, I do believe all the publicity that has come out has fed this persons energy to strike again. And he will. I believe in the past, he tortured animals until they died. This time, he wanted to make sure the cat got home. He will strike again.

    I read that for now, Sage may need to rest and no communicator might be able to reach him… but in time, I hope he chooses to come back. I would love to be a part of his life.

    I cant believe what is going on here…. another dog is abused on top of the link I published. Something is wrong and maybe the laws need to be tighter.

    If anyone knows an animal communicator, maybe they could help. I am not. I believe, this guy has been torturing animals for a long time. Its just a matter of concentrating on the right theory. But I believe he is right out in plain sight and people there know him..(not the ugly dark side)

    1. Sage is now resting in eternal peace, hopefully. I sent him reiki and I hoped it was helpful as he crossed over. How I wish I had the ability to “connect” telepathically on a regular basis, but so far all I’ve been able to “receive” are a few validations from my furkids while I was asleep and my mind was quiet enough to do so. It is not typical for an AC to initiate communication without the permission of a furkid’s guardian, though I do know some AC’ers who have done so as with the whale that was hunted and killed by an Indian tribe a few years ago in Washington state. And I do know some communications that were initiated with wild dolphins and other wild creatures who do not have human guardians. Of course many people do not believe in inter-species communication. I will make a suggestion to an AC group to which I belong and perhaps someone may decide to take the initiative, or perhaps offer their services to Sage’s family. It would be most appropriate if one of Sage’s caretakers were to take the initiative to try and commmunicate with him with the help of an experienced AC. It IS possible to connect with an animal after it has left its body. It is all about energy, which is, after all, what makes the difference between life and death. I can understand your not wanting to share what you saw and proably felt where Sage is concerned. Being intuitive and empathic can have a down side.

      1. It sure can have a downside. I chatted with an ac today. She wasn’t able to communicate with sage. She relies on audit which she says is like radio frequency. But when I started talking to her, she knew immediately what I was seeing. She gave me some questions to ask.

        I went to see a hypnotist that I see on and off. When I got through telling him, he started crying too. He helped feel the light. I realized today part of the owner connection. There was some things the ac and I saw that for sure didn’t make sense. The evidence has to match the story and it doesn’t. What I have is like video and some audio. Its called a window. When all of this broke, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I tapped into some dark energy.

        If you would like to contact me, here is my email. Its jo****@co*****.net I just don’t feel comfortable describing in public.

        I too send sage positive messages of love everyday. I have cut and paste the picture of the way he looked before the attack and I find myself talking to him.

        I am so glad to be able to communicate with you. And just maybe, one of your ac’s might be able to make contact. There are sure a lot of mean entities walking among us.

  10. Someone should consult with an Animal Communicator who can “connect” with Sage energetically and ask what Sage has to say about what was done to him/her and if he/she could shed some light on whoever did this? I often wonder if this has been done when animals are murdered, or witness to a crime perpetrated against the animal’s owner/caretaker. Such insight could never be used as evidence in court, but it could provide clues to be investigated.

  11. I just wanted to let you know, a dog was beaten to death in magna Utah, outside of slc ut. http://www.sltrib.com/home/2775250-155/utah-man-charged-for-killing-girlfriends

    I live in Utah in salt lake. Clearfield is about 20 miles or so north. There is something terribly wrong when animal abuse is being reported so much. I just want to say, the animal abuse laws are not that great here. Must be a reflection of the way the people think about animals here. I have met more people who are upset about sage and all the dog now. I lit a candle last night in sages honor.

  12. I too agree that the stories we have read don’t support the evidence. I believe the owners know more than is being released. My neighbor is a retired cop. He told me to have faith in the system. He told me when investigations are done, owners are looked at first. What if the abuse had been going on systematically. Maybe this was the last link.

    We are all having a hard time dealing with this because abuse isn’t in our nature. But we must realize there are those of us who walk among us that see nothing wrong with what they do.

    Sage didn’t limp home. Even in the vet report that was released, it said he had suffered blunt trauma to his brain. His brain was shutting down, and so were the organs. I understand that catching the person who did this wont undo the damage that sage went through. But, perhaps there is something else to consider. This little cat has awakened a message of hope in all of us. Maybe through his suffering and his death, we can all learn that we have a responsibility to be better and take more responsibility in protecting the animals. When you see a cat or dog on the street, stop and take the animal home. Don’t leave them to suffer. I rescue cats and some dogs. I am great full to have the opportunity to share my life with such loving souls. I have a cat that was terribly abused. The person who did it ran a rescue and admitted to beating him as a kitten. He is safe and we have showered him with love. He has changed and feels very secure.

    What I am saying, is we as a society have to change. Don’t get me wrong, I too hope they find who did this. But I say start with the evidence. That doesn’t lie. All the stories coming out, change over and over. The person(s) who did this are in plain sight.

  13. Sadly, even if and when the savage who committed this atrocity is found the punishment could never fit the crime. THAT in itself is sickening.

  14. I read that there was brain trauma. If you check the cats brain, I believe his cerebellum was fatally damaged from brunt force. He couldn’t have been able to walk. I believe he was pushed through the door. Who saw the cat limping home. the news says the owner said his body was limp and he couldn’t meow. There are so many different comments about when he disappeared. I read that he was found at 6.30am by the sister… Where was the rest of the family. I know if my cats disappeared for over an hour, I would be outside. Nothing was ever said about looking for him. I wonder if new people have moved into the neighborhood. have cats gone missing before in this neighborhood.

    I question that this was a random act done by someone out of the clear blue. And I agree with ruth the cat was taken back to his house. So that means whoever did this, knew sage and knew where he belonged.

    Will the authorities realize that the cat was probably catatonic and didn’t know where he was. I talked to a vet who said he probably no longer felt anything if the brain was compromised by blunt force.

    this is so upsetting. I couldn’t eat for days or sleep very well after seeing the pictures. I could only hold my kitties and love them even more. No animal deserves this. Its tough enough when they die of a disease or old age. But this will probably haunt the family forever wondering What if… god bless sage and may he rest in peace.

    1. Thanks for your super comment Joanne. I could not look at the pictures. They were so sad and upsetting. These sorts of pictures damage me psychologically. They depress me. It should be possible to find this person. And I believe Sage’s owner may have some idea who he/she is. I am still upset by this. It messes up our lives because it reminds us how unsatisfactory life can be on this planet.

      1. Michael, There are no words to adequately express how distressed I’ve become since learning about little Sage. I have my own sweet cat who is my constant cuddling companion and now every time I down look at him snuggling up against me without a care in the world cringe at the thought of what happened to Sage. I’m so saddened for what the family is going through by witnessing what was done to their beloved Sage. My mind will not find any peace until this vicious crime has been solved

  15. Still said; A person would have to have innate criminal tendencies and an off disposition to inflict torture of any kind, and we all agree this felon went to the extreme. They need to look for the clown behind the mask. My guess is he or she had to have enjoyed doing it and is apparently mentally ill due to abuse, neglect, a few marbles missing from the gene pool. Be Cautious for the One Who Shows Up With a Fake Smile and Sudden Eagerness To Help or a Displaced Attempt to make Friends!!?
    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover alone___Most psychopaths are a danger to society and will search for ANY opportunity to carry out their morbid fantasies. I don’t scare easily_but I am afraid of this abuser} Eva

  16. Have they checked if any neighbors may have surveillance video maybe for their home security system that may have captured this culprit either taking the cat or bringing him back to push thru door.

    1. Nice idea Linda. I would bet my bottom dollar that the police have done nothing useful in solving this crime.

    2. YES… I was thinking the same thing, that there might have possibly been some sort of neighboring surveillance system that might have recorder any suspicious activity along the timeline.

  17. Most who are just cat haters would have just killed the cat outright OR if they did feel the need to torture the kitty, they likely would have been more prone to HIDE it.
    The fact that Sage was RELEASED or possibly even BROUGHT BACK as many seem to think, indicates a vindictive attack on the OWNERS as much as it does the kitty itself.
    Perhaps they owe some shady characters money? Perhaps could even be a family member? But in my opinion the ones that for sure needs serious questioning are the owners and anyone who has even the smallest grudge against them.

    1. Yes, I agree completely. I would not be surprised if Sage’s owner has some sort of personal dispute with someone and that person has hit back by torturing their cat.

  18. I stated already similar theory like Ruth.
    I don’t believe that the cat was just tortured because any abusive person would have thrown the cat in a trash bag and put in dumpster. But this cat was returned to its home! To my opinion, the cat was not able to walk nor to crawl much. The cat had eyes shut swollen and serious head injuries. The news reported brain damage and cat was not responsive because the cat was badly punched iin the face & head and not to forget the broken paws & broken rib bones and glued body parts. The torture was probably starting Saturday and went on over days and then cat was returned very early in the morning on Wednesday. By that time the cat had already infection and brain injuries were seriously bad. No cat could have crawled much in that confition!
    I think the statement from the Gomez family that cat made it back home is either naive or wrong. The news also stated that cat had glued shut anal area and was glued to prevent to pee or poop, it even more tells me that this cat was not able to walk / crawl back home.
    I hope the area can be checked for security cameras and hopefully something was caught on video. Somebody wanted not only to hurt the cat but also to hurt the family by returning back the almost dead tortured cat. I agree, check close neighbors and ask the family if they know somebody who dislikes them. I hope it wasn’t somebody from that own family because sometimes family members or ex take awful revenge on the pet of the person they really want to hurt. Maybe it was gang member activity? I don’t know the population of this area but I believe that the cat was tortured & returned to get back to that family for whatever reasons.

    1. The key is the Hot glue! Search for the Hot glue owners. The culprit have Hot glue and other particular ir common tools in home with torture the poor kitty and use all time. Sorry for my english

  19. I would plow through every yard and every garbage can around. This is serious violence and torture. No matter what the reason, it is not human to be able to inflict this kind of torture. There is evidence there close and someone just needs to look to find it.

    1. I beg to differ with you a bit…it is characteristically HUMAN (though not a normal, rational human characteristic in modern societies) to torture. Do you know of any animal species that resorts to “torturing” one of its own kind, or even one of its prey?? The reason most animals (i.e. carnivores) kill is to eat or to defend their young or territory. While I have had cats that do “play” with a mouse before they finally kill it to eat (or not) that is part of their hunting instinct and not out of a desire to inflict pain intentionally. Only depraved HUMANS do that. Thankfully, modern-day societies have gotten beyond the days of watching gladiators kill human opponents or lions killing Christians for sport, or torturing to death “enemies” who have been captured, or those convicted of some “crime” by a gruesome method of captial punishment. Even our religious groups in the past were guilty, like the Spanish Inquisition, or the Salem witch hunts. Torture is a characteristically HUMAN endeavor that has generally been outdated, though still perpetrated in relatively recent war times. Some human individuals, for whatever mentally “sick” reasons still indulge in it, and while to do so to another human being is a heinous crime, when it is perpetrated on innocent animals it all too often goes unpunished. I do hope that no stone will go unturned in trying to find out who tortured and killed sweet, innocent Sage and that he/she WILL be punished to the full extent of the law. JUSTICE FOR SAGE!!!

      1. Thank you very much Sally for your excellent comment. I completely agree with you. I doubt whether anybody could disagree with you if they gave proper thought to the subject. Humans have something wrong with them in my opinion. They’ve gone wrong. It isn’t just that they have this inherent ability to torture other living creatures. They have the ability to ignore the fact that we live on a precious planet in the vast, massive expanding universe. We are probably very very rare and we are living in a vast universe thousands of light-years away from other possible living creatures like ours. Our planet is precious. It should be protected. We should respect each other. We should think more outwardly. We should be more sensible. A thin layer of atmosphere separates us from the void of outer space. We must respect our planet and stop destroying it and polluting it. Humans are essentially rather stupid but in their arrogance they think they are intelligent.

        1. You are so right. We now have a President who is the epitome of arrogance and stupidity Someone needs to tell our so-called PO(TU)S, who would abolish the EPA and doesn’t believe in global warming, etc. etc. etc., just that. We are so privileged to be living on this precious planet and are supposed to be sharing it with myriad other life forms, not dominating it for selfish human wants. For that point of view, Judeo-Christian teachings must accept some part of the blame. My mother was a staunch environmentalist and her ashes must be doing a tornado-spin in her urn because of the damage the Trump administration will wreak upon the environment by removing hard-fought-for and necessary protections which were enacted under previous administrations. Is hard to believe that so many Americans could be so blind to have voted for such an unworthy candidate, but of course he did NOT receive a resounding majority mandate as he claims, nor win by a “landslide.” Guess we have to blame the archaic and now irrelevant Electoral College for that…the second time in recent history we’ve been stuck with a POTUS who was not the choice of the majority, and the environment has suffered as a result. So where is the voice of the overwhelming majority who did NOT VOTE for #45?? Will they stand up and fight to protect the environment? I certainly hope so.

          1. I THOUGHT this site was to show our concern for and honor little Sage … not to turn it into political statements and am rather disappointed that it has been.

            1. Yes, this site was discussing the circumstances surrounding Sage’s torture/murder and liklihood that the person who did this to him was someone who knew Sage’s family and was sending them a “message” by torturing their beloved furkid and returning him to their doorstep. Someone commented that what they did was animal-like and I could not help but point out that animals do not torture one another, that is a characteristically HUMAN phenomena. The response to that digressed into a mention of how precious our planet and its creatures & evironment are, and I could not help but agree with that and am truly worried about the damage that may be done by the current administration’s policies. I am not a political person, by nature…I am someone who loves and respects all animals. I do cat rescue and have a sanctuary for “special needs” cats, and also do hospice care for those whose conditions are terminal. There is someone in the city where I live who kidnapped and killed (after sexually molesting them) 21 pet cats two years ago. He was eventually caught sleeping in his car with one of those dead cats. He has been convicted and there was a sentencing hearing for him last month but it was “continued,” so it is still uncertain to what extent he will be punished. When I read about Sage’s brutal torture and demise, it was hard to believe the depravity exhibited by what was done to him. Yet another example of unfathomable cruelty inflicted on an innocent creature by a human. We are supposed to live in a modern, rational society and yet such incidents of violence against innocent creatures as Sage seem to be on the rise and with the perpetrators even making videos of their brutal acts and airing them online. Crimes against the creatures we share this planet with are crimes against the environment, by extension, and our societies on this earth must have more respect for the natural world and all its inhabitants, not just the human kind. I do not see that kind of respect being espoused by the current administration in the U.S., in fact quite the contrary. There needs to be JUSTICE for TIGER (the cat callously killed by a vet with a bow & arrow who bragged about it on FB, there needs to JUSTICE for the 21 VICTIMS OF the SAN JOSE CAT KILLER, and JUSTICE FOR SAGE and SO many others in this country and around the world. Whether or not that will come about depends to a great extent on the political climates of the societies in question and whether or not other creatures and the environment in which we live are considered worthy of our respect and something to be protected and treasured, not tortured to death or laid waste for short-term economic gain. I am sorry if it seemed I was not being properly respectful to Sage as an individual. My heart is aching for what he had to endure. I was considering the larger scheme of things of which his horrible death is a glaring example. I see no concern for the environment coming from the current administration and that lack of respect filters down to the justice system, unfortunately. I hope that the perpetrator of Sage’s brutal torture/death will be discovered and that this person will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But we the people must demand that the laws which protect our animal companions, as well as the environment of which we all are inhabitants, be strengthend, not relaxed or abolished.

              1. I now understand what I previously questioned regarding your post and appreciate THIS last explanation you’ve provided with thanks. My gratitude too for the aid and good works established for all of the cats you’ve provided for. You couldn’t have expressed the feelings we share any more clearly. We have so much to learn from all creatures who are innocent of the horrors of humanity. Sadly much of humanity is nothing less than inhumane. I think where we differ is the root of the problem which in my mind at least rests with the evil paths some choose to follow which infiltrate every aspect of life whether it be personal or political. I’ve heard that once something is seen it can’t be unseen…and in the same regard hearing is much the same. Since reading of the agonies little Sage endured I can’t close my eyes without reliving what he must have experienced and am sickened by it. Those of us who truly care about our environment and ALL who dwell on this planet that we share must speak up on behalf of those who have no voice and can’t. I’m not in a position to do what you have done physically or financially but have provided my sweet Bailey with a loving home any kitty could ever dream of and know that God is well pleased by it. I was struck by something you last said, “We are supposed to live in a modern, rational society and yet such incidents of violence against innocent creatures as Sage seem to be on the rise”. The key words are *SUPPOSED TO* because our present day society is anything but rational and has devolved into something without conscience where cruelty is accepted and has become the norm. In spite of our good wishes I fear that THAT norm will prevail as evil is alive and well dwelling among us. I am a believer…a Christian who accepts that we are indeed in the last days of humanity witnessing the depravity of it therefore, NOTHING is as it should be. Once again, on behalf of all of the voiceless creatures you are rescuing… THANK YOU!

                1. We have to try and put Sage out of our minds because it hurts us. I know this is sad but it is the only way.

                  1. I almost wish I could, but another part of me says Sage and what he went thru should never be forgotten. Months have passed now, and it seems Sage was put out of the local authorities minds, as well. I still cry for Sage, but I don’t want to forget, I want some kind of Justice!

                    1. I could not agree with you more. These sorts of tragedies are often forgotten and they fizzle out. They become hot news through the Internet spreading virally via social media. However, you rarely know about what happens at the end of the day. We rarely find out whether the police find the perpetrator. We rarely find out how the perpetrator was punished. The news is always about the actual act and the event but like you I would like to know what happened afterwards and whether justice was done. With respect to cat abuse, in my experience, justice is rarely done.

                      In this instance, as I have mentioned, if the police were committed to finding the perpetrator I don’t believe that it would be too difficult to achieve some success quite quickly for the reasons that I have outlined in the article.

              2. The society may be rational and modern but there are always psychos in any society who are totally self-centered and do what they want to whomever or whatever. We all need to be vigilant and out these sub-creatures to stop their depravity. I know if I came upon this torture there would be one severely beaten, possibly dead human – could not control my rage at this cruelty.

                1. I have the same rage against this sort of person. I genuinely am not sure I’d be able to control myself and I’d probably end up in jail.

  20. Elisa Black-Taylor

    I looked up the population and in 2013 it was just under 31,000 people. That’s not that big of a city. That’s much less than 10% the size of Atlanta and only a few thousand more people than where I live. People hear will likely know people, whether through school, church or work. This isn’t something that can stay silent forever.

  21. I would think that Sage would not have been able to exert enough strength to make it back on his own let alone squeeze thru a pet door as he was in excruciating pain at that time and up til the end of his life.

    Eva_They should be looking at their neighbors a lot closer.

  22. yeah Ruths theory sounds about right cuz the futher away from the area u go the LESS of a reason anyone has to do THAT, ESPECIALLY to the extent of bringing him back. if someone was doing a “thrill kill” theyd do their deed & b done with it. they DONT USUALLY give the animal back(unless they r SERIOUSLY deranged). the people with the BIGGEST issue r USUALLY the closest by. the fact that the animal was returned ALSO speaks to a personal grude cuz THEY would want them to know what happened as it sends a message that it WILL happen again if x doesnt stop. its also not uncommon for asomeone that has lost a family member or pet through violent means to b too shaken up to really b able to think about who could do them harm cuz n THEIR mind NOONE would ever hurt so n so “cuz they were always so good or so nice” as THAT is how THEY remember them; whereas the person with the issue has a COMPLETELY different take on said person or animal. i hate it when people let their dogs roam the neighborhood & poop n my yard. i confronted them & they say i should get a fence if i dont want that to happen when the reality is THEY should b keeping their animal on a leash or at least n THEIR OWN yard as a show of respect to their neighbors, regardless of who has a fence or not(cuz not everyone can afford it). id NEVER stoop to harming an animal cuz its not THEIR fault.im ashamed to admit that ive considered tossing said poop back onto their houses from time too time, but i NEVER actually DO IT. what happened to that innocent cat speaks to MUCH anger at that family, & it WONT stop just cuz the cats dead either. so those cops really need to find who did it, or worse COULD happen. ive worked with at risk kids that have done some very bad things & adults r just slightly more refined children unfortunately. they have a little more impulse control, but they also know how to manipulate a situation. id wager itll b the person they least expect. of course thats just MY opinion. i HOPE im wrong.

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