Was Sage, the Cat, Pushed through the Dog Door by the Person Who Tortured Him?

This is a theory and it comes from Ruth in America who is a valued, regular contributor to this website. I think it’s a good theory which is why I’m airing it here.

Reward up to$42,600 for Utah cat tortured to death
Reward up to $42,600 for Utah cat tortured to death
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She believes that Sage, the cat who was brutally tortured and which made headline news across the internet, may have been pushed through the dog door (dog flap) by the person who tortured him. And the person who tortured him may have been in dispute with Sage’s owners. The reason behind the torture may have been to dramatically upset the cat’s owners and send a message. The online papers say that Sage struggled back to his home and climbed through the dog door in one last heroic effort. I am guessing that his owners found him just inside the dog door.

My personal view is that this theory needs to be investigated by the police. Let’s put it this way: the most likely person to have tortured this much loved cat to the point of his death is a neighbour or someone living not too far away and on whose property Sage wandered.

I have read thousands of articles about cats on the internet. Often when a cat is abused the most likely culprit is someone living nearby who hates a cat or cats coming onto their property. A lot of people hate that. It gets them mad as hell.

Therefore, the person who did this may be a neighbour living not too far away; a person who hates cats. Some neighbors may know him. In addition, or alternatively, this person may have a personal grudge against the cat’s owners (the Gomez family) which is unrelated to cats and he wanted to take it out on them.

I would have thought that the police should interview the Gomez family and ask whether there is anybody that they know who has a grudge against them or with whom they are in dispute. I would like to thank Ruth for this theory which enables me to write this short follow-up article. I have added my own thoughts.

P.S. Ruth donated $100 in memory of this brave and loved cat companion. Something good needs to come out of this tragic story.

94 thoughts on “Was Sage, the Cat, Pushed through the Dog Door by the Person Who Tortured Him?”

  1. Omg omg This is sicking why in the world are the police not doing anything I think you have all the evidence you need.Now these people are in another state and God only knows how many more innocent animals will go threw the same thing sage did and never be found I myself thought that it was done by someone in the home cause I read they found him in the house.Then I couldn’t find that article again .How sickening this is and shame on the state of Utah and their animal abuse laws.This is just so horrific Its ripping my heart out that the state of Utah is so inhumane. Karma to those who killed poor Sage.And hope that Utah will get on the ball with with their animal abuse laws.And arrest the people who did this to safe everyone else figured it out why not the police ???Why not the police???

    • Thanks Nancy. The whole think is sickening except for the great people trying to get justice for Sage. It is a mighty struggle.

  2. why is it so hard to figure out who did this. the list of suspects is limited. yet we are all kept in the dark.

    Sage touched us all and it just makes me sick to see his body motionless.. I have heard from people all over. I hear the same thing about how upsetting this is for so many people.

    I live in a state that ranks in the bottom of the country when it comes to caring about animal abuse. Surely this is a reflection of the mentality of the lawmakers here. And who votes them is certainly a reflection of the majority.

    The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing Edmund Burke

    • Why has this page not been updated now that there is/was a PI involved and still nothing concrete? I STILL say Sage was abused on property in the outside buildings, left for dead. When he didn’t die, a story was concocted or he was brought in by the abuser and left to be found. We know that Sage was found AFTER Alex Sr left for work. Those photos that were posted of Sage in the home freak me out. Not once did his position change in photos, and second…..why on earth are you sitting there taking pics of a cat that needs to see a vet/emergency clinic immediately??? People make me sick!!

      • There are many follow pages. If you click on the tag at the base of the page:


        You’ll find a lot of follow up articles. Good point about taking photos of Sage. And they freak me out too. A year later I don’t feel that the investigator is much nearer to finding the person.


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