Was this cat hypnotized or made dizzy by a spinning toy?

This is an interesting video in that the cat becomes dizzy for the same reasons that humans get dizzy. We like to make comparisons between cats and humans and in many ways the domestic cat is very similar to humans, certainly in respect of their anatomy. When people spin around, they can become dizzy and in this instance the cat was watching something spinning around which had exactly the same effect to the point of collapse. I am sure the toy manufacturers did not have this in mind. The cat is meant to push and prod the toy as if it is a prey animal but instead he looks at it until he collapsed. It is strange behavior. It is almost as if he became hypnotized by it. Can cats become hypnotised? Ah, there is a question. The Quora.com guys try to answer it but fail. We don’t know. I doubt if anyone has tried. But this cat might have been hypnotized by a spinning cat toy. A constantly moving spiral pattern can hypnotize people! Not a lot of difference.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Here is the same video on Twitter. If one of them fails I hope the other survives!!

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