Was Tiger gin trapped by the leg before Kristen Lindsey put an arrow through his head?

The hind right leg of Tiger, the cat shot with a bow and arrow by Dr Kristen Lindsey, is bloody over most of its length. This has been noticed before but has anyone speculated why his leg is covered in blood? By the way, I don’t believe the leg has been severed because the paw appears below a leaf in my opinion. Wrong? Please leave your opinion in a comment.

Was Tiger trapped? Click on the image to see it larger if you wish.
Was Tiger trapped? Click on the image to see it slightly larger if you wish.
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There are only two reasonable answers it seems to me.

  1. Blood from the head wound spilled out and covered the leg. This argument doesn’t really stack up because there is no blood on the head. Also, it appears that soon after Kristen allegedly killed the cat she lifted him up by the arrow for the photo by her mother. There has been speculation that Tiger was alive at the time of the photo. If this happened there would not have been that much blood from the head on any other part of the body.
  2. The right hind leg was caught in a trap (set by Lindsey perhaps)? That is pure speculation. But the leg is very bloody and consistent with being caught in a trap so it is a reasonable suggestion.

It has also been speculated that Lindsey shot Tiger at close range. If that is correct it is, perhaps, reasonable to further speculate that she had trapped the cat in a ‘gin trap’ and then administered the coup de grâce with a bow and arrow at close range.

I have called it a ‘coup de grâce’, which means a mercy killing to end the suffering of a wounded animal. I have been inaccurate. This is because if my suggestion is correct about the trap then it was part of the killing and Tiger was in fact executed having been trapped.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? It is relevant to the story because it will affect her defence as it is potentially a further reflection on her behaviour. It goes to her character.

P.S. Apologies to people who have had enough of the Dr Lindsey saga. I feel it needs to be explored more and there is still considerable interest in it.

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114 thoughts on “Was Tiger gin trapped by the leg before Kristen Lindsey put an arrow through his head?”

  1. Michael we saw that leg the first time we saw the picture and blew it up it is bloody! Think about how a cat runs and darts shoot a cat with a arrow that is not standing still? Next how did she see to shoot through all that foliage??? I believe the cat went in the bushes and was caught in a baited trap then she went behind the bush and shot it in the head! Another thing folks this cat is not dead its legs and tail muscles are still flexed! A recently killed animal would hang dropping totally!


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