Washing Machine Cat

Washing Machine Cat

by Finn Frode, Denmark

Ivanhoe got out in time

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Ivanhoe got out in time

The picture above is not Kimba the Australian washing machine cat, who has recently been in the news. Instead it shows Ivanhoe checking our own machine just like he checked everything, but he was never actually washed in it.

The caretaker of now famous Kimba apparently did not do that, but turned on the machine sending Kimba through a full 30-minute cold wash with a spin cycle at the end. Kimba was rushed to the vet and miraculously survived. The original story is featured at here: Catastrophe as Kimba Survives Spin Cycle

Here is a cutting from the paper:

washing machine cat 1

Our Somali Ivanhoe always got out in time, because before running any machine or device in the house we always checked his whereabouts. We knew curious kittens like him could be hiding just anywhere... 😉

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Washing Machine Cat

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Jun 06, 2010 Maggie
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Maggie. That's nice. TG very much has her own ideas about the direction of the breed, which is also the reason she doesn't allow just anybody to have one of her fertile cats. But she is a nice person and knows all there is to know, which is why I very much respect her.
I don't think there is any evidence that Somalis or Abys are any more at risk of contracting FIP than any other purebred cats, so you don't have to worry for Chilly. Besides that it doesn't seem to hit cats over a year and a half, so he should be in the clear now.
Norwegian kittens are not born with the fluffy collar, but develop it as they grow up - some sooner and some later. Milly was very late - maybe not until she was five or something like that...
And Ivanhoe didn't shed much either. Here in the house it has always been fur from our short haired moggies that got spread all over. 😉

May 30, 2010 Finn
by: Maggie Sharp

Finn, I just realised that I've actually spoken to Teresa quite a few times, she's a member on 3(!) lists that I'm on, two are for Abys and one is for Australian Somalis. I don't know much about FIP so I'll have to read what you wrote, but I do know that it is a killer of Abys and Somalis, and it shortens their life dramatically. A lot of cats don't even live to their 2nd or 3rd birthday because of it, or so I've heard. I think old Walker is retired now and enjoying life as a pampered pet!
So are most NFCs born with a fur collar? I met a beautiful NFC at a show once, but I don't know much about them. Milly must be such a good girl doing all the grooming herself! That's a lot of fur to look after! I find that Chilli doesn't shed hair much at all, was that the same with Ivanhoe?

May 29, 2010 Maggie
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hey Maggie, no offence taken. I wrote a special page about Ivanhoe's FIP last year and although I think of him every day, I'd rather focus on the brighter side. And I still have plenty of funny pictures to choose from. 😉
I've just checked Ikati's site and yes, their Walkabout is a typical Dushara with the wild look that Teresa aims for. And what a great looking cat he is!
As to Milly, she didn't have that Norwegian fur collar at all as a kitten, but the older she got the fluffier she has become. Her fur actually doesn't need that much grooming and she mainly takes care of that herself - except maybe for an occasional matted wad. But generally the Norwegians shed far less than domestic shorthairs, who have a thicker undercoat.

May 29, 2010 Finn and Ruth
by: Maggie Sharp

Oh Finn I had no idea that Ivanhoe had passed away, I'm so sorry. He was a beautiful Somali, his colouring was amazing and he looked like he had an exceptional purrsonality. Yep, Teresa from Dushara is the one, her Somalis went to Janet at Ikati Somalis. Very nice cats... Your girl Milly, what a fluffy cat! She must take ages to groom!!! A very pretty girl, as are all the cats!

Ruth, a lady once told me that she was putting clothes in her clothes dryer and she didn't notice her Bengal climb in. She turned the dryer on and came back to find her dead cat... Another family (this I saw on the internet last year) didn't notice their cat climb into the freezer, the cat stayed in there for 17 hours and survived!! Carelessness is just not worth the risk...

May 29, 2010 Think CAT
by: Ruth

It's frightening the number of people who have cats and don't 'think cat'
I've heard many stories of cats accidentally shut in washing machines since automatic washers became so popular and they don't often survive the trauma. The old machines which had the washer and spin dryer side by side and opened at the top were far less accessible to curious cats.
Even though we only have 2 cats at present, both 8 years old and quite sensible, we 'think cat' and check and recheck danger areas like the washer, before using it.
I'd never forgive myself if a cat was hurt through my carelessness.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 29, 2010 Overweight or age is no excuse
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Michael, you are right that the Somalis are very athletic. At 5 months Ivanhoe could jump almost 6 feet in the air when he really wanted to catch something. It was an amazing sight.
On my cat page at www.raarup.eu I have pictures of chubby Snow White in the dishwasher and old Milly in the Microwave Oven, so overweigth or old age doesn't necessarily stop cats from jumping into machines. Beware. 😉

Maggie, Ivanhoe was a Dushara from Teresa Guldager, who for many years has been one of the top Danish breeder of Somalis and Abys. I know she has connections all over the World.
Actually Ivanhoe's litter was born and raised in the home of one of Teresa's friends, which meant that they were given extra attention. Lene Nyvang, who took care of them, did an excellent job socializing these kittens to both humans and other cats. They were all up to the show standards and affectionate pets as well. You can see more Somali pictures on the page mentioned above. 🙂

May 29, 2010 Washing Machine Cat
by: Maggie Sharp

Oh look at your handsome Somali! He's beautiful! May I ask, who bred him? There's a mighty fine Somali breeder in Denmark who exports their cats to a breeder here in Australia. Perhaps it's the same one who bred your Ivanhoe?

Chilli always tries to get in the dryer, despite the fact that it's mounted on the wall! I've often caught him trying to open the washing machine lid too...

And I thought Kimba was only local news... =)

May 29, 2010 My Cat
by: Michael

Hi Finn, nice one..my lady cat never really could jump into a washing machine...:) One benefit of being a bit overweight and now elderly. Somalis are pretty sharp minded and athletic, however.

Michael Avatar

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