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Washington Animal Clinic, former employer of Kristen Lindsey, gets hammered in reviews — 20 Comments

  1. Cat, there is a Melinda Gray DVM in SC – is this the same one? You can leave a review now and tell what happened. This one has some bad reviews on topix and Yahoo. There are really some scary vets out there and unless people let others know, people will continue to take their animals to them, maybe only once before they find out, but once is too many times to take your beloved pet to a horrible uncaring vet. It shouldn’t be a secret and people should not try to protect the vet, they should protect their animals. The animals have to rely on us to be their voice.

  2. Irish, change your online name again. Your new “Irish” one is not going to work in trying to distance yourself from your Elisa name for all your lies and deceptions that you’ve posted all over the internet. I think someone mentioned to you that you would now be stalked ten times more than you stalk all others, didn’t they? It’s working.

  3. I predict …

    You will soon see the following signs clearly posted in all veterinarian windows around the whole world:

    “Due to the behavior of cat-enthusiasts in today’s social-media we cannot take the risk of caring for any more of your pet cats. The liability is now too great. If you want someone to save the life of your cat contact any of the ‘we know it all’ cat vigilantes online, maybe they will save your cat for you. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.”

    Not one person on earth would blame them for doing so.

    When you push with your relentless lies and deceptions the rest of the world is going to shove back ten times harder. You are making the whole world dislike and despise you and your cats. But then, that’s what you really wanted, isn’t it. Otherwise you wouldn’t behave as you do.

  4. Aye it does Michael,I just now got off the phone with the director of Animal Friends and apologzied to her on behalf of my page and Tigers supporters and thank gawd she was understanding and appreciated that I told the supporters to donate for their ignorance and several have already,sheesh sometimes I feel like a parent on my own page scolding children!

  5. I wanted to make sure ye are posting about the correct clinic and btw Kristen posted the vile photo on a wednesday but yet wasnt fired until that coming friday and by then the clinic was getting hammered with phone calls from animal lovers,IMO I think they fired her not because of the photo but because of her association with them.

    I posted this today on my Justice For Tiger page,they did not deserve the comments that could have hurt them,they are a non-profit unlike the clinic where Kristen worked.

    If anyone here went to the Connie Clinics ~aka~ Animal Friends Of Washington County page and slammed them because they are thought to have been the clinic that Tiger’s killer worked at then ye can apologize by way of making a donation to them,they did NOT deserve to get slammed by misinformation and those that didnt take the time to actually find out that they had no affiliation with the clinic that Tiger’s killer was employed at is being just plain lazy or making knee jerk replies,in fact if anyone here did slam them then ye also need to go back to the page and make an apology and give them a good review,they work soley on donations,they also do low cost spay and neuter,do the right thing!


  6. Sorry?
    Any sane person, working in an animal environment, can’t help but know that there is a psycho vet in their midst. There are many guilty people. They condoned her abuse. This couldn’t have been her first cat kill, but this clinpc employed her nonetheless. She should face felony charges and any individual who witnessed her abuse also. But, the setting is Texas, the hellhole and embarrassment of America.

  7. I have to admit I’m finding it very difficult to feel sorry for the clinic. Maybe I’d feel differently if those other two employees, Story and Camp, hadn’t given a thumbs up and commented positively on that disgusting picture. Maybe there’s a sub-culture of brutality in that work environment that the owners and the other vets possibly weren’t aware of, but I don’t blame people for taking their pets elsewhere.

    • I came across these Google reviews last week and when I checked, the clinic’s own web site had been shut down. I speculated at the time that the Washington Animal Clinic may have to relocate to new premises and re-brand themselves as they’ve been tarnished by their former employee Ms Lyndsey. Although given her opinion on feral cats (which she was proud to proclaim via public media) and her love of hunting, I’d be very surprised if the WAC had no idea she would ever consider domestic cats as legitimate target practice. Or perhaps they assumed she’d never be stupid enough to go public with her trophy kill?

      Serbella: I didn’t see those FB comments on the photo from fellow employees at WAC. (I think the FB page had already been taken down.) However, I have read comments from other people asking why the clinic didn’t also fire those two other employees and some people have even claimed that fellow vets at the clinic are also keen hunters, but I have no idea if those allegations are true.

        • I think you make a fair comment Michael. Perhaps to her bosses she put on a sweet face, but wouldn’t it have occurred to her that they would find out about the photo?

          To have qualified as a vet she cannot be that stupid or naive. In my opinion, she felt safe posting that photo and adding the “vet of the year” comment because she was confident it would be considered acceptable by work colleagues and friends alike. If she didn’t want her bosses to find out she would have set her FB profile to friends only.

          I bet her buddies at work knew the real Kristen. They clearly share the same sick sense of humour.

      • Michelle: I never saw those FB comments either. The information that the other two gave her a thumbs up was in every online news article I saw. Like you said, I don’t know how true it is, but it was widely reported. That clinic is caught between a rock and a hard place. To be honest, I still can’t feel sorry for them. This might be a rough patch for them, but if they handle this right they will recover. Tiger won’t. I don’t even want to imagine how he suffered before he died. And I know his human family is having a hard time right now too.

    • There IS a sub-culture of brutality hidden among veterinarians. I saw it first hand many years ago. We took our dog to the vet for his routine shots. While there, the vet (Melinda Gray/Grey) announced that they were boarding a very hateful and grumpy cat. She insisted that my husband follow her to the kennels where she and her assistant proceeded to hit the cage and torment the cat. When the cat reacted with hissing, growling, and trying to scratch them, they rolled with laughter. The vet also made comments about her childhood treatment of cats (placed one in the refrigerator, etc.) and the pleasure she received from the cats’ reactions. Too bad I didn’t know to report her then. The only consolation is that all animal abusers will have to answer to God one day.

          • Michele, you needn’t worry about that dog. He was trained for personal defense and wanted to eat that vet. She refused to remove her lab coat and he thought it was a bite suit! Maybe I should have dropped the leash?

      • Cat, that was despicable. Years ago I had a similar experience like that at the local Humane Society. Up until that one time I had a really good relationship with them, until the day my cat Angel and I were seen by this new doctor. Up until that point all the vets I’d encountered were kind and firm. They knew how to handle themselves and their patients and there were no incidents. During the exam she treated Angel very roughly, choking her from behind and body slamming her into the metal table for no reason. Naturally the cat reacted in kind. It took an effort not to wrap my hands around her throat and squeeze the life out of that woman. I managed to get Angel back into her carrier. The doctor went into a screaming fit that Angel was a dangerous cat and that she was going to put a notation to that effect in her file, to warn the other vets. At the time I wondered why she felt so free to act that way in front of me. Later on, when I complained about her, nothing was done, so she must have known she was protected. The good thing was I took Angel to a small cat clinic in the city. No problem. I’ve taken my cats there ever since.

        • Serbella, I am glad you were able to find a small clinic. Sometimes those are the best. The vet we originally liked, retired and sold his practice to the monster-vet. Shortly after she showed her true colors, she left and we found a small clinic in a neighboring town. Thank God for small things. 🙂 We have been with this small clinic for twelve years. They are fantastic, love cats and seem to frown very loudly on declawing.

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