Water in a bowl isn’t cool enough for Colby!

Water in a bowl isn’t cool enough for Colby!

by Julie Dye
(Griffin, GA)

My sweet, yet finicky 2 year old brown spotted tabby, Colby, refuses to drink water out of his bowl, and therefore wakes me up at least twice a night crying. Why? Because he knows he has trained his Mommy well. So, through the routine we go… I pick him up, give him his kisses, bring him into the kitchen and set him on the counter (and this is a 19 pound Bengal!) He then looks at me expectantly until I turn on the sink faucet for him, and he then goes to town, drinking from the falling water for a couple of minutes, until he’s had enough.

He then usually turns around, lifts his tail, and struts away, and I just smile and shake my head at what a spoiled, but loved, baby I have. 🙂 (His 2 younger brothers, Jazz and Grimlin, both drink from their bowls and let Mommy sleep through the night, so I’m not sure where he gets this from!)

Julie Dye

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Water in a bowl isn’t cool enough for Colby!

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Jun 13, 2009 I have the same “problem”
by: Anonymous

Well it is not really a problem but I would like more sleep. I have lived with my cat for about 16+ years (I found her hiding under a car outside my home in London). Until recently she never woke me up during the night but she has started and she has trained me nicely despite my reistance. The thing is she is very persistent. Cats have awesome levels of persistence. We can learn from that because is it a highly successful strategy!

Anyway, she demands that I get up at 3 am and feed her, er..which I do! (after protesting). I think the change has come about because stray cats are coming in through the cat flap in the night and eating the food I have set down.

What I will do today (now, instantly!) is get some good quality dry food (she likes Hills) and put that down in sufficient quantities to feed the army that comes in plus my darling cat.

I liked your article because he says a lot about cats generally, about us and about Bengal cats (more than other domestic cats, it seems that they like to drink from running water, which probably comes from the Asian Leopard Cat heritage).

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