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Water squirted onto cat but he refuses to budge — 6 Comments

  1. What an ass! The only way to make the cat leave the table is to teach the cat not to get up there. Every time mine does, I tell her to get down and then I gently put her on the floor of chair. (Cleo is the only one who does it.) She understands that she is not allowed there and will get down when I tell her to. (Although she does make a lovely grey statue sitting there! 😸)

    I do have a water bottle with her name on it. It is only used when she tries to climb my legs while I’m cooking. The best part is: I only had to use it once or twice before she understood the meaning. Now all I have to do is shake the bottle and make a verbal sound like water squirting. She squints her eyes and changes her mind.

  2. Cats have no understanding of punishment. They can’t relate their “crime” to consequences. It’s a waste of time and effort for humans to even assert that. My opinion is that what works around 80% of the time is to create a diversion, ie. to distract them from what we deem undesirable behavior.

  3. The person is a cruel moron. Deliberately antagonising any being is wrong, for shits, giggles, power thrills or any other reason, it is unforgivable.

    Punishment is nothing to do with negative reinforcement. The latter is more about absence of reward, the former is about teaching fear.

    Punishment of any kind has no part in any kind of training of humans or other species.

    If you want to see how rubbish punishment is, see the er, ‘work’ of Cesar Milan. If you want to see positive/negative reinforcement, aka humane training, see the excellent work of Victoria Stilwell.

    The cat won’t forget that cruelty.

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