Watson: Thanks to new ‘plastic boots,’ cat born with twisted legs can walk again

Meet Watson, a kitten born with twisted legs who can walk again, thanks to his new plastic boots.

Watson was born with radial hypoplasia (Instagram)
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Watson was rescued as a kitten by American animal welfare organization Almost Home Animal Rescue League. It was quickly determined he was born with radial hypoplasia, a congenital disease that causes deformities of the limbs. The disease left Watson unable to walk and put a lot of strain on his joints.

Enter animal lover Melanie Lusnak, who found Watson on Pet Finder. Melanie was looking to adopt a special needs kitten and had experience with a disabled cat, having previously cared for a cat with a missing leg. She fell in love with Watson at first sight.

In an interview with You.co.za, Melanie described Watson’s determination to be a normal cat.

“His determination would get him up the stairs in our house, but soon after a loud cry would follow, which is my cue to come running so he can be carried down the steps.”

Melanie would place pillows and blankets on the floor to prevent Watson from being injured, but he would still stumble or fall.

Watson wearing his new boots (Twitter)

When Animal Orthocare, an animal prosthesis specialist company heard of Watson, owner Derrick Campana came to his rescue. Derrick created custom-made prosthetics using moldings of Watson’s front legs.

Animal foot specialist (chiropodist) Dr. Christina Cole is in charge of periodical evaluation to ensure Watson is doing well with his new ‘boots.’

Although Watson will never be able to walk or play like a cat with normal legs, the prosthetic legs will greatly improve his quality of life. Thank you, Almost Home Animal Rescue League, Melanie, and Derrick. All of you have contributed to helping Watson have the best life possible.

For more photos of Watson, as well as other animals with disabilities, check out Melanie’s Instagram page.




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  1. Watson’s a sweet cat & ….Thank goodness he has a great and caring Lady to help make his life worth living.*** Eva


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