Ways Students Can Raise Awareness Of The Endangered Tiger

by Holly Ann
(Syracuse Utah)

Tiger Day in Russia

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Tiger Day in Russia

Hello tiger enthusiast, you may think that there is nothing you could possibly do to help the tiger, but there are actually quite a bit of things you can do. Sure it might not seem like a lot, but it can help.

First you can RESEARCH. The more you research about a topic, the stronger your emotional pull toward the topic will get, and you will know all the facts so people will take you seriously when you make an argument for your cause. Also try hard to view the topic from as many angles as possible. It's good to see what the opposition might be feeling, or how ignorant someone can be about a topic.

Another thing you can do is THINK. If you think about the topic enough you can maybe even think of an idea to help save tigers. Possibly a good system to end tiger trade, or a new way to raise funding.

Another way to help is to RAISE awareness and maybe even donations for organizations that help tigers, such as Save the Tiger Fund or the International Tiger Coalition. You can raise awareness in many different ways. One way might be to host a tiger party on national tiger day to inform people on what is really happening to them. You can host a year of the tiger conservation party. (they have some really nice products on oriental trading company. If you're in school(like me), try to talk to your principal to see if he/she will let you brief the teachers with different lesson plans on tigers and have your school have a tiger day on international tiger day which is the 27th of September(it happens to be on a Monday this year, you would have like a year to plan it) this year it would be great to have the teachers do somethings to get the students excited about tigers. Then at the end of the day have an assembly to announce a fundraiser for a tiger organization, that would last all week long.(or possibly the week preceding save the tiger day).

tiger skin
Tiger Skin - tiger bone is more valuable
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Some ideas for the different (non-core) teachers would be:

Art: have the students draw pictures of tigers to hang throughout the school

Foriegn language: Write a list of different tiger traits/reasons to save them in a different language, Have them write them large and illustrate them, then post them around the school

Other Classes: give the teachers a list of several informative youtube video and a worksheet to correlate with it

Core Classes (English, Science, History & Geography): there is a couple of good teaching plans on these pages...




You could probably find more if you look hard enough. Some really great youtube videos include: this 20/20 clip it shows the negative approach (they are for tiger farming)


An insider of what really goes on in tiger farms (permission slip may be needed, kind of gruesome):

An inspiration to stop tiger traffiking:


and a cool animated quick video from WWF India....

and more if you look hard enough.

Some great ideas for fund raising and school-wide activities:

Have your Student Body do tiger face-painting during lunches.

Get a VERY VERY large piece of paper and sketch giant paw print outline on it, get a lot of black and orange washable finger-paint and have all of the students "pledge" to never buy tiger parts/products by placing their handprints inside the outline. Paint the words "say no to tiger farms" on the poster, and take a picture of the students in front of it, to use in the yearbook, newspaper, website etc.

Buy a couple of each of these different products to demonstrate (they're from oriental trading company so they are cheap. Here are some useful web page addresses (URLs) - just copy and paste them into the browser address bar.

Plush Animal Print Coin Purses:

Animal Print Slap Bracelets:

Safari Pens On A Rope:

Safari Print Folding Fans:

Child size hats with animal print band:

Adult size hats with animal print band:

Animal print bandanas:

Animal Print Sunglasses:

Plush animal print spiral notebooks:

Animal print friendship bracelets:

Tiger mascot pins:

Tiger stickers:

Tiger mascot pencils:

Personalized tiger tattoos:

You can give these to the students or compile a catalog and order sheet the kids can take home so they can fund raise, or set up a boot h in your school to sell the tiger themed products to the students. raise the prices of the items to create sufficient profit and donate ALL of it to a tiger organization/charity. Tell the students the amount raised afterward. Give rewards to the top fundraisers.

Contact your local newspaper or news (TV) to cover your school's event, not for school publicity, but for tiger publicity (this is very important to keep in mind).

I hope to do this and more, if I can convince the principal at my school.

I hope this helps!


Hi Holly... thank you very much indeed for taking the time to show us how. Come by anytime to say what you like and to promote saving our beautiful tigers.

Note: Holly is a 13 year old at school

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Ways Students Can Raise Awareness Of The Endangered Tiger to Tiger

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Ways Students Can Raise Awareness Of The Endangered Tiger

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Feb 04, 2010
by: kathy

These videos were almost as sad as the factory farm ones. I surely will ad Tigers to my prayer list. Again this is just one of the many was that humans have to try to exert their power over another one of our fellow creatures. Some Humans just really think that they have to have the power of the world and control over all that is in it. These videos are just reminders to us of that fact.

Feb 01, 2010
Beautiful, great cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Holly. Thank you for posting this well researched article with a lot of good ideas. Hopefully it will inspire other students - and older people too.
Tigers are such beautiful, great cat and - if I may repeat my words from an earlier comment:
I simply don't understand why anybody would kill it and nail it's skin to his wall. Why can't they just contend with watching, but need to own it? A full sized photo of a live tiger in the snow is much more impressive than a piece of dead fur. And "shooting" this cat with a camera in the wild a lot braver than with a gun.

Finn Frode avatar

Jan 31, 2010
Oops incorrect date
by: Holly Ann

Sorry guys, International Tiger Day is actually The last Sunday in September which is the 26 this year, sorry for the mix-up.

Jan 30, 2010
Love it
by: Anonymous

It is nice to hear from a student about how students can help tigers. It seems that this happens only rarely. And perhaps the young are the people who can save the tiger. The old are too tied up in politics and promoting self interest and making money out of the tiger.

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