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Ways to confuse cats — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve had to move twice since I adopted Mitzy, and she wasn’t confused, but somewhat stressed. She started scratching at the door to get out. I had to spray her with water to prevent damage to the carpet and the door. That’s when I got a halter and leash.

    The most recent change is that I took the hood off her litter box, when she was off balance from the drugs used for ear infection. I wanted to make it easier for her. She seemed fine with it.

    So, I haven’t seen any confusion with her. I don’t
    do anything to mess with her emotions, but try to maintain a routine as much as possibe.

    I don’t take many pictures of her. but I have gotten some nice ones. My friend had two cats that seemed to pose for me.

    One time I saw one of the cats sitting on a tree branch, in a meditation pose. I ran back in the house to get my camera, thinking she’d have moved by the time I got back and set up. But she actually sat in that position for over 5 minutes.

    I’m attaching it so you can see what I mean. I call it “Cat Meditation”.

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