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We Adopted a Moggie After all: Or He Adopted Us — 8 Comments

  1. I had a similar black kitten steal my heart many years ago, Theta. My kids probably remember her, though she was a senior citizen by the time , Drew came along. She and my most precious and VERY affectionate cats I grew up with, Candy and Debbie, were females. We had more females than males over the years and my mom always had females So my experience is that there are affectionate cats of both genders and why ignore half of the possible kitten population because of bias against females. It’s like being biased towards Oriental and Rex cats. You stepped outside the breed box, why not consider a girl?

  2. He is such a sweetie- and we will slowly be transitioning him to raw in the near future- but very slowly. He gets no supermarket foods and will stop all dry food also slowly. Nothing quick about doing anything for him..

    He is very impatient to get out of his “prison” where he gets played with several times a day. So far his favorite is the feathers on a wand- he is an amazing jumper. He also LOVES drinking water from the sink as long as there is a small stream of water flowing. He is not keen on drinking from his water bowl where he gets bottled water.. SIGH. But I bet he will love the water fountain once we get it put together. We are totally in love with this little guy. His purr is amazing.

  3. *tears of joy*, Jo! I am shocked and surprised — in the very best sense of both of those words — that you have been adopted by such a handsome little man, who will probably (I pray) be robust, healthy, and long-lived, and who will absolutely be handsome, sweet, and loved! WELCOME, POE! Live long and paws-purr! I hope that another sweet little man of similar parentage makes himself known and makes it clear that you cannot live without him in your lives.
    As for the food issue, ever since my beloved Sun was diagnosed with dry-form FIP long ago, I have not used any “supermarket brands” of cat food; and though I am sceptical about much of the food supply, for humans, cats and others, I do my best to buy the best I can afford, which seems to be working fairly well, as my youngest will be 11 soon, and my eldest is 21 and going strong 😉

  4. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition! He is absolutely gorgeous! You and hubby are positively beaming, and I am so happy and excited for your family!

    I love the name. I almost named my black cat Raven (for obvious reasons), but also because of Poe’s poem. But Raven is more of a female name in my head and it just didn’t suit my little guy. EAP is a great name 🙂

    Moving along, I, for one, am not stunned by your change of heart. There was never a doubt in my mind that your love of cats–ALL cats–was legit. Our differences lie in our disagreements over breeding in general. But that is a whole other matter on which we can write an entire novel on! So for now, let us agree to disagree.

    I look forward to reading about the soon to come kitten, as well as updates on how this new little fellow and Sir Hubble do. Ah…what an exciting time for all of you! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congrats, Jo! Edgar looks like a real cutie! No, I’m not stunned by your change of heart. I don’t think it’s a change of heart at all. I love all cats too, but I do have a special spot in my heart for Manx cats, Turkish Angoras, and moggies. I’ve seen some exotic looking mixed breeds who look even better than the purebreds.

  6. I’m a great believer in fate, and I can’t help thinking that you were destined to meet Poe.

    He looks very relaxed in that photo and from your description, seems to be a very confident and happy natured little cat. I’m sure Poe will bring a lot of joy to your lives and I hope Sir Hubble is accepting of him.

  7. I am very pleased with the news. Pleased too that you adopted a rescue cat and a black one at that. Wonderful. You’ll be rewarded 😉 Poe looks like a real cutie to me. A bit of character and mischief plus a lot of interaction and love.

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