We Are Eating Violence Towards Animals. Veganism On The Increase

Here is a video by Dr Will Tuttle about the relationship of humans towards animals. It naturally overlaps with veganism. He says that most of our abusive relationship with animals originates in our use of animals as food.

Also below I reproduce a comment by Myriam. She commented on the web page about the relatively high suicide rate of animal rescue workers. The page is very popular and has touched a nerve with many people. They understand the connection between the work and depression and PTSD symptoms (my thought).

“If you want to know where you would have stood on slavery before the civil war, don’t look at where you stand on slavery today. Look at where you stand on animal rights.” Captain Paul Watson.

Myriam’s comment:

I applaud all of you who had the decency and the sensitivity to speak out your opinions on behalf of the animals. I can certainly agree about the feeling of depression, despair and hurt from regularly working with animals who suffer. Whoever work to help the animals in any way possible are a hero to me.

As for myself, being a very sensitive, idealistic and compassionate person towards everyone (especially the animals as they have no voice and are vulnerable to humans unconsciousness), the shelters are not a place for me, at least for now, unless I would accept that I can’t save all of them and be able to go home leaving the hurt behind so I can keep sane.

However, right now I do my part to help them out. Besides participating fr time to time in SPCA fundraising, I became Vegan, so at least I am not participating in the suffering of any animals raised for food. We call all do that as the benefit are huge (for the animals, our health, the environment and our spirituality).

And that is empowering because I have some peace of mind that I am consistent with my values by my actions. And I do make a difference among people to whom I talked to about the respect of the animals and starting on the most responsible way we can which is with our daily meals. People are asking me to give a workshop on health issues so I never miss an opportunity to speak on behalf of animals. When people start to adopt a plant based diet, their view change in regards to the animals, and eventually, there will be less animals in shelters due to a greater consciousness from humans.

I am continually recommending people a great book, in my opinion, everyone should read; It is called “The World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle. Hear him out on You Tube for a summary of his book on video. I can promise that all of you, who care about animals, would be touched and encouraged by his wisdom and compassion. The key is to stay positive, no matter what you- do something, anything ( how small that might seem to be).

I respect all of you who are concerned about animal welfare and lift my hat to those who are able to alleviate the pain of the animals in shelters. Much Love to you all.

The Video (this is one of many videos by Dr Tuttle. It does convey his philosophy and attitudes:


Recently I read in the newspaper that veganism is on the increase in the UK. Vegans are becoming emboldened and more confident. They criticise farming. Their message is getting through. There seems to be a greater awareness of the rights of animals and how we deny those rights primarily when animals are used as a source of food. It is abusive farming. People are also more aware of environmental issues. The two are linked. Tuttle believes that if we treat animal correctly (humanely and with respect) we will treat ourselves in the same way. Improving animal welfare will improve the lives of humans. It is time to do it.

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We Are Eating Violence Towards Animals. Veganism On The Increase — 1 Comment

  1. So you have to murder the same amount of animals to feed 10 cats as you do to feed one human, and only if that human was put on an all animal-flesh diet. Where is the net-gain of murdering and torturing to death fewer animals by a vegan cat advocate who supports the existence of more than 10 cats in their lives?

    Has that human vegan diet caused irreparable brain-damage in those humans because they can’t even see this simple oxymoronic absurdity?

    Their claims of being vegan sounds all wholesome, selfless, and “save the planet” on the face of it; but people who save the lives of cats are murdering thousands and thousands of more animals every year with their unexamined values and goals than a natural omnivore non-vegan who doesn’t support the existence of cats.

    That’s reality.



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