We Are Safe and Sound and Lobbying Already in Oklahoma

by Deborah-Ann Milette

Motzie Doing His Job as My Service Animal

Motzie Doing His Job as My Service Animal

Motzie, Peanut and myself are safe, doing well and settled in Oklahoma. We already made quite the appearance at the OKC Capital and visited with many legislative officials concerning breeding laws and the possible violations of our Constitutional Rights as Americans. Two of us represented the feline owners and the rest were canine owners. Motzie and Peanut were the only animals there.

After a rough start here, I broke my leg and had emergency surgery, we are back on our regular routine and not missing a beat! It just seems that life is at a slower pace here compared to the Northeastern USA. I would hate to visualize what living in CA would be like, thanks but no thanks!

I filed a complaint with the NY State Attorney General's Office and I am still waiting on their reply concerning DEC of NY. No, I have not given up that war either. But there is what I will label a horrible plague going on in the state of NY concerning Savannah owners and Breeders. Once in the DEC's head concerning the ownership of Motzie within the state of NY, they are now going after anyone, everyone in the state of NY.

Would someone kindly tell me when will a wrong ever make a right? To deliberately put an innocent felines' life at risk, and yes my two Savannahs would have been destroyed. Don't like the owner, take it out on them, NEVER EVER endanger an innocent animal because of an owner.

Another lesson learned, I sit and wait my say with patience and hopefully that virtue my Grandmother said would come with it.

Deborah-Ann Milette

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We Are Safe and Sound and Lobbying Already in Oklahoma to Savannah cats

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We Are Safe and Sound and Lobbying Already in Oklahoma

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Mar 31, 2010 Nice job
by: Anonymous

Nice article,to the point .Lets all who reads join in and help the cause!Great picture of big boy Motzie!

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