by Ruth
(County Durham,England)

On our last legs!

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On our last legs!

The continuing adventures of 'girl power' or maybe it should be 'granny power' lol...One of our neighbours often goes off out, leaving his elderly cat (Narla, see below) out for long periods of time.

OK in the nice weather, we feed her and keep an eye on her and she enjoys sitting in the sun. But not so good in the winter, and try as we may to entice her in for a warm, she just hates being in anyone's house but her own.

So, we saw a dog kennel advertised for £15 and thought that if we could somehow get it into the corner of Sylvia's front garden as she's in the end house, the cat would hopefully use it as a shelter.

Off we went to see it, about 10 minutes walk away, it was ideal and when we explained to the lady what it was for she said we could have it for a tenner!

But how to get it home as it was really heavy and bulky? Babz spotted a skateboard and asked could we borrow it? Well somehow the 4 of us managed to get the kennel balanced on it. But then we couldn't get it through the passage from the back garden out to the front road.

The woman shouted her hubby out, he wasn't in a very good mood as he was happily watching TV, but he came, gave it a good shove and it shot through the passage. His smirk said 'Huh, useless women' and off he went back to his viewing. His wife took the tenner 'Bye' she said 'just drop the skateboard back later'.

We must have looked a funny sight coming along the pavements with our burden, unfortunately we have no photos until we got back as none of us dare let go of our bit of kennel lol.

Eventually we struggled back to where we live. A few neighbours looked mildly interested, but with a 'What are they up to now' look on their faces lol.

What a job to get that kennel off the skateboard, up the steps and in position. But we did it! Was the cat grateful?

Narla a black moggie cat in England
Narla - photo by Ruth

No, not at all, she has never stayed and still won't stay in it even in all the snow we've had, despite us enticing her with tasty food lol she eats it and comes straight back out.

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Nov 10, 2010 Happy ending to Narla's story
by: Ruth

We have been very concerned about her being out in the cold and wet, sometimes 21 hours at a time. We've fed her of course but with being older she's feeling the bad weather more.
I think everyone knows Sylvia next door to us has 14 rescue cats, having lost her old Kizzy in June. Well the latest is that Narla has moved in with them.
Sylvia was so upset about Narla's plight she collared her 'owner' today and said it wasn't good enough treating a cat that way and if he didn't want her, she did ! Without batting an eyelid he said 'Take her then'
Just like that !!
Her cats are very laid back and accept newcomers with no problem whereas our 2 boyz are very territorial.
Hopefully Narla will soon adjust to life with 14 sisters and brothers, good food,a warm bed and lots of love and attention.

Jan 13, 2010 Good idea!
by: Dorothy

Keep that camera handy girls. And a few extra hands too to hold the camera. "The Adventures of Kattadora and crew".


Jan 13, 2010 Thank you
by: Ruth

Thankyou everyone.
Edward I'll deal with you when you come up North next time, be afraid be very afraid ! lol
'Granny power' were having so many adventures we decided to always have the camera handy and when we are even more ancient we can look back and think 'Did we really do that?' lol

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 13, 2010 LOVE IT
by: Jo Singer

This is great. This had me giggling with happiness and a bit of amazement! You go gal!

Jan 13, 2010 LOVE IT
by: Jo Singer

This is great. This had me giggling with happiness and a bit of amazement! You go gal!

Jan 13, 2010 LOVE IT
by: Jo Singer

This is great. This had me giggling with happiness and a bit of amazement! You go gal!

Jan 12, 2010 HA!
by: Dorothy

What a great scene. Mutt and Jeff....You gals are something else again.

My best to all three of you!


Jan 12, 2010 nothing stops this pair
by: kevin kays hill sanctuary

there is no stopping this pair,by now your neighbours know your capable of anything ha ha , its fantastic the things you do for our four legged friends,poor cat may not use its new home but with you two watching over her im sure shes doing well, keep up the good work

Jan 12, 2010 Angels to the rescue
by: Jan Plant

Oh my stars! Would have loved to seen that!LOL! You ladies are really something! Well at least you tried! Poor things!Kind of her to give it to you cheaper.Bless you all!

Jan 12, 2010 ROFLOL
by: Edward

I always suspected you lot were mad, now I know for sure you are lol lol
No photos of the errant cat ? You do surprise me.

Jan 12, 2010 LOL
by: Michael

I did laugh out loud reading this. A very gutsy effort indeed. I am very impressed at your resourcefulness.

I guess you will be housing feral cats now, then.

Cats don't tend to do as one wants. It is one of their charms!

Michael Avatar


  1. Member when you and Babs lost that cat? Remember when Dorothy did? When I took Shrimp to Dr. Becky Dillon in n McPherson, Kansas here. I had the most difficult time leaving him with her. I had stuck him in a cat carrier, that he didn’t want to go in to. It went against my nature.

    • I did not even know her. The tears are streaming down my face right now. I was told that she would fix his gums and teeth for a pittance, as to what I would have paid under Dr. Rebecca, All Feline Hospital care, here in Lincoln Nebraska. I couldn’t afford six hundred dollars. I am so ashamed. Please don’t let anyone else hesitate to pay. Find a way. Please.

  2. Ruth, I don’t know what could happen with fourteen cats together in a house! Sounds like a handful to me. How did that drama play out, do you know? I am down to one. That’s all I can handle, at least for now. Thanks, love you.


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