We call him Danny

by Sharmistha Dutta

Danny - our Maine Coon Cat?

Danny - our Maine Coon Cat?

Well we picked him up from one of these cat shops in our neighborhood. Where do we stay, well its a state called NOIDA, in India. We had gone to the pet shop looking for a labrador puppy for our brother and sis in law. The minute we landed there our attention was taken over by this beautiful Golden brown cat who was caged!!!

We had never ever thought of having a pet, leave alone a cat. But looking at Danny, I felt I had to have him. And he was so friendly from the beginning!

Anyway we went back home and I couldn't stop thinking about him. And me and my husband have full time jobs. And I kept thinking, if I didn't get him home, someone else will, and maybe this is destiny, coz when I ultimately called up the shop after a months time, thy told me that the other two cats have gone, except for Danny! I didn't waste one more minute and the very day got him home.

He is an absolute joy, he has turned everyone at home into a cat lover! People can't have enough of him, kids come up to our house specially for a dekko!!!

The pet shop owners cudn't give us his exact breed, but surfing the net I discovered that his characteristics match those of a Maine Coon. He is about 5 kilos and has a golden brown coat. He loves to play and is very affectionate. The more u play with him, the happier he is.

He is about 10 months now and I hope he has a long healthy life ahead of him, I zimply adore my cat.


We call him Danny to Maine Coon Cats

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We call him Danny

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Oct 06, 2010 thank you
by: sharmistha

A very very belated thank you to Finn, Rudolf and everyone for writing in.
Believe it or not I lost this link soon after i posted on this site and discovered it buried under thousands of mails a year later!

So thanx again Finn, whwtever you said makes a whole lot of sense. Danny is almost two now and touch wood quite healthy. We got him neutered as theres no two ways about it. He's more at ease now and we're relieved too,
But was suprised to learn that neutering is not really a very common practice in india. Even the vet had tried talking me out of it. But i remmembered your advice.

But we still cant let him venture out alone for the fear of him being attacked by other dogs or cats in the colony. We do take him out for regular walks.

Rudolf, i shall try and join your blog soon! Keep writing in

Aug 15, 2009 Congrats to a new cat family
by: Finn Frode

Whatever his roots may be, Danny looks absolutely gorgeous with those colours and the semi longhair fur. No wonder you you couldn't forget about him and eventually decided to become a cat owner. As you have probably already found out, a cat sleeps for many hours during the day, so there's no problem in having a full time job, just as long as you offer a fair amount of attention when at home.

Cats enjoy being talked to, so never be ashamed to do so, even if it might seem silly at first. Although the cat does not understand the words, it will understand the tone of your voice and more easily bond with you. Actually, as the cat grows older, you'll be amazed at how well it reads your mind.

I'd like to mention one more thing, that first-time cat owners often forget about: In case it has not already been done, you should have him neutered ASAP. For male cat's it's a simple operation and well worth the money as it prevents the cat from spraying around the house. Also it will keep him more at ease and playful as an adult. But be cameful not to overfeed him.

Congrats to you and your family as new cat owners - or maybe rather as the human family owned by Danny. 😉

Finn Frode, Denmark

Aug 14, 2009 "Danny" the Maine coon cat from India.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Hello, nice too meet fellow indian cat fanciers, a rarity unlike "dog fanciers" in India. I was the first blogger from India to put forward my blogs regarding breeding and caring for "Persian Cats". There are no "Pedigree certificates" or "cat Shows" in India and hope a group of like-minded "cat fanciers" get together and conduct a "Cat Show" in some major city in India.

Nice to hear of an Indian talking about a "Main Coon" type breed, and hope more Indian cat fanciers join together. Wish "Danny" a happy cat life in a comfortable home and you can visit
my personal blog on "Persian cats". Cat "Matahari", the prototype "doll-Faced Persian cat model".

Please visit my blog to get an account of my own personal experience of breeding a Persian cat and submit your comments for improving the breeding and characteristics of this beautiful domestic pet in India.. :-

Cat Matahari - Evolution of a Doll Faced Persian Cat - this link opens in a new window


Aug 14, 2009 Love Your Story
by: Anonymous

Love Your Story and your cat. He looks "very substantial" to use cat fancy language! And a real gentleman.

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