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We Demand More Clever Cat Names! — 8 Comments

  1. I love those names!

    I usually keep mine sort and sweet. The first little lady on the left is my beloved Cujo. She was a Manx cat, a very cranky little girl who was definitely not a cuddle cat. Whenever we did cuddle Cujo would give me this look of extreme irritation: “Are we done here, woman? Unhand me!” She never became aggressive. She always tolerated my attention. Why Cujo? I always wanted a female cat with that name.

    The second cat on the right is my current furchild, Samirah. Her name is Arabic for “Entertaining Companion” and she’s definitely been that. Her previous name was Cherub. My vet tech friends always joke that any cat named Honey, Sweetie or Baby will most likely rip your face off. You can add “Cherub” to that list. We’ve had our moments.

  2. This is Sealy’s wife Mrs. Gizzy Houdini. She’s the reason the front door can never be left unguarded while we get in groceries.

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