We Did Not Know

We Did Not Know

by Hollie Bever
(Green Bay, WI)

We were looking for a good suitable house kitten, because my cat ran away a while back. So we found one, we went to their house and we saw that cat, and we said “Yes!” we will take this one.” And later on the lady we bought the cat from said “Oh, my dearest, gosh, I forgot to tell you this little part… you cat “Mittens” is a Maine Coon cat.” We were so thrilled, we couldn’t take it all in at once, so we asked so many questions, like: “Do they need more food than regular cats? Do we need a cage for it? How fast does it take to grow? And we were fully happy. Mittens is still a kitten, but he is becoming a teenager, and getting bigger.

Hollie Bever

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We Did Not Know

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Aug 31, 2009 Very Lucky
by: Isabelle B South Africa

Oh yes, you are so lucky to have a Maine Coon kitten!!! My Turbo, although not a pure breed is just getting so comfortable with us, it’s 3 and a half months that we have him now. He has started getting under the duvet to sleep with us…so strange. He had some sort of a rash, but he must be allergic to flea bites as after I got him some “Advantage” flea drops from the vet, it has cleared up magnificently…look after your little Mittens

Aug 31, 2009 Lucky
by: Michael

Holly, if you now have a purebred beautiful Maine Coon as a companion you are very lucky. They can become large as you probably know but they are like all cats needing great food, natural stimulation and love.

The long hair will need gentle grooming and if he goes out please supervise carefully. I see you lost your previous cat. Watch for cat fleas too. Any cat that set foot outside can get fleas and an awareness of this is important. Fleas can be dealt with pretty easily. The important part is to be aware of them and inspect for them regularly.

Thanks for sharing and take care of Mittens.

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