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“We do not advocate ‘right to life’ for animals” (Ingrid Newkirk PETA founder) — 42 Comments

    • Good point Michele. I remember now. PETA don’t believe in companion animals. If that is true they are mistaken I believe because cats domesticated themselves. They did it willingly.

  1. I definitely understand. That’s why I requested a plug against declawing if he can work it in, instead of an article.

  2. Btw, I saw Nathan last night. He was in Houston for his showing of Redemption. I did ask him if he would write up an article against declawing. He said, no, which I thought he would. He doesn’t want anything to deter from his no kill mission. I asked, if given the opportunity to acknowledge any newsworthy story involving a declawed cat if he would dedicate a few sentences to the cruelty of declawing. He said he could do that.

    • I don’t blame him Cindy for not wanting to write an article about declawing, I hate kill Shelters but I wouldn’t write about them as they are not my main present cause. But I would certainly add my support to anyone else writing an article about them.
      We just can’t take too many causes on and spread ourselves too thin, nor all of us fight for the same one and none for others can we!

  3. PETA was exposed for what they are about 10 years ago. That was when the garbage bags full of dead animals was showing up. I believe it was Dateline that did an exposé on them. They are disgusting. Their kill numbers were just as bad in 2013.

  4. Oh dear another sad story. I’m not going to look at more Sad Cat Stories. I’m not strong enough at the moment. I know there will always be sad stories of Cats and Dogs. It just never ending with no end in stop. 🙁

  5. PETA are very dangerous to those of us who fight for animal rights and welfare, because people who don’t like animals, call us ‘PETA freaks’
    To be lumped in with that cruel organisation is horrible.
    It’s disgusting that they kill healthy animals! The way they put it, it’s as if they are doing the animals a favour, because life is so horrible.
    In reality the only time life is too horrible for an animal is when they are incurably ill and suffering. For every other animal of every species ‘life is sweet’
    Feral cats are happy, just like other free wild animals they know no other life, it’s very cruel to take their lives from them! People caused the problem of them and people could solve that problem by TNR.
    I would never share anything by PETA or donate even one penny to them, they should be closed down!

    • Well, that is where education comes in. I have to admit i was taken aback by what i have been hearing and reading! This is atrocious as it gets! It’s like a slap in the face. Wake up call. I’m glad i found this out.

      • It was a slap in the face to me too Jayme. I appreciate PETA because they fight against the fur trade and abuse of livestock and lab animals etc. but Newkirk’s postcard and the dumpster black bags totally undermines my attitude towards PETA.

        Winograd was threatened with being sued in defamation if he didn’t withdraw his article I presume. He stood his ground. I guess I might get a letter from PETA’s attorneys some day. I doubt it though because it is all true and you can’t defame someone if what you say it true.

        • I guess i have such a strong attitude about this is because originally, i assume only the good things they were trying to accomplish got leaked out the way they wanted it to, and where. I would then have to assume that it was only years later that the other side of their agenda started to emerge. There is no equal ground to stand on, however. You can’t claim to adore and love animals, and then find bags of animal bodies tossed out like yesterday’s dinner scrapes. I can’t fathom this. Angers me!

          • There is no equal ground to stand on, however. You can’t claim to adore and love animals, and then find bags of animal bodies tossed out like yesterday’s dinner scrapes.

            That is the key to what is wrong with PETA. But it wouldn’t take much effort to put this right. It seems so careless and callous.

    • You make a very good point Ruth. People who want to criticise us (cat lovers and people concerned with animal welfare) sometimes put us in the same bracket as PETA and PETA has many critics. We believe in fighting against the things PETA fights against such as the fur trade but we also advocate right to life for animals and the two go hand-in-hand. I don’t understand how PETA can have this schizophrenic attitude.

      • Exactly Michael, true animal welfare advocates don’t pick and choose which animals to help, we try to help them all.
        I know it isn’t possible to be in the front line fighting for them all which is why I chose cats, not only because I love them best of all animals but also because there are not as many people who think cats are as important as dogs.
        Yet I don’t turn away from any animal species needing help, signing petitions for them etc….which I’m sure others here do too.
        Any abuse or exploitation of animals no matter how small is wrong and needs to be stopped, because small abuse can lead to larger abuse and there is too much of that already.
        PETA are hypocrites, only concerned with the animal issues that will bring them good PR and donations while on the other hand killing healthy animals.

  6. “I would go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself… I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day.”

    “The animals… got the gift of euthanasia, and to them it was the best gift they’ve ever had. How dare you pretend to help animals and turn your back on those who want an exit from an uncaring world!”

    Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President.

    The people who run PETA, Ms. Newkirk in particular, and every murdering miscreant they employ are simply obscene.

    The website http://www.whypetaeuthanizes.org is an incredible wealth of information about these folks, and I encourage all to visit the site and read up about this godless organization from a perspective of a person who sounds dedicated to revealing the fraud and cruelty.

    DO NOT VISIT THE “PHOTOS” PAGE on that website. Just do not.

    I believe all PETA does is fund their own fund-raising, probably throwing lavish parties for big donors, fantastic salaries for the directors, and they always manage to stay in the public eye through shrewd manipulation of the Press and other media.

    People who donate to them actually believe they are doing good for animals. In a way, they are, but: THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WORST KIND OF ANIMALS.

    They are second only to the American Cancer Society in the ruse they perpetrate on a gullible, caring public.

    The only thing I feel good about after reading about PETA is the realization that my proposed organization, the “International Society for the Prevention of People Being Buried Alive” (the I.S.P.P.B.B.A.) just might have a good chance of success. People seem to want to fund anything that simply sounds remotely “caring”.

    (Send your donations via Mr. Michael Broad, thank you!)

    • Thanks Bruce. I like the way you knit humour into what are extremely sad situations. It makes what you say more poignant. I can’t square up her attitude towards right to life and her attitude to farm animals for instance. Maybe I am missing something.

    • Thanks Bruce. I want to look at what you provided, but i do not want to be looking at any horror. So, tell me before i go there please. I don’t need pictures to prove to me that horrid things go on. I’m hyper sensitive to anything depicting or showing after math of anything with violent and disgusting content.

      • Yeah, Jayhme, the articles and ideas are well written, and are very good. Just eschew the “Photos” page.

        I just had to peek, and I assure you I am not a better person for it.

        The shock value of the photos is equal to the shock value of knowledge of the crimes, it just seems to burn a big something into the mind that “can’t be unseen”. The photos have a rightful place in the story of these people, don’t get me wrong. Without the photos, some might consider the accusations against PETA less than valid, or even trivial.

        Trust me. In this case, your faith should be a belief in things unseen. Trust me a bit more; these people are cruel, and they are rotten to the core.

        I don’t think I will extend them membership privileges to the ISPPBBA, even if they sent the $50 fee.

  7. Oh my God! I thought that PETA was an organization considered to save the lives of cats and dogs. 🙁

    According to their youtube videos they are claiming that they save and protect the animals. They demand for funds to help them but very sick to know that they are not 🙁

    What is the difference then between Chineese slaughter houses and PETA??? is there any? (Crying)

    • I thought they had the same mentality as me and they do fight to stop the fur trade for example but how can the founder say that animals don’t have the most fundamental of all rights? I can’t reconcile their attitude with their actions.

      • I hope i get some kind of reply. This should be most interesting. How funny that after you posted this, that today i got an invitation from PETA to attend some movie in Washington DC that is soon upcoming. I simple wrote back asking for explanation of the horrid things that has been described by the organization and that if she can not provide an explanation, to please find someone who can. I highlighted the important parts of what both you and Bruce shared and that is the parts i asked for clarification. Don’t worry, no names were used in the making of this email. =) I just want to see how they wiggle themselves out of that web.
        This was what was sent to me.
        Dear Jayme,

        Please join us for a special screening of Speciesism: The Movie, followed by a Q&A with the film’s director, Mark Devries. We will also have free vegan popcorn and drinks for you to snack on while we enjoy the film!

        Speciesism: The Movie
        Sunday, October 12, 3–5 p.m.

        PETA, 1536 16th St. N.W., Washington, DC 20036 (Dupont and U Street are the nearest Metro stations, with limited street parking nearby; see this map.)

        RSVP on Facebook!

        I look forward to seeing you there! Seating is limited, so please be sure to RSVP. Also, please share the official trailer and encourage your friends and family to see this documentary with you.

        For all animals,
        Lindsay Rajt LR
        Lindsay Rajt
        Associate Director of Campaigns
        People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
        Add PETA on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

        • Good for you in asking questions. They need to be challenged. The fact is that PETA do good work which pleases people like us but they spoil it by wantonly killing adoptable cats brought to them for rehoming. It seems very strange to me.

    • I share in this disbelief as you do! I am rattled to learn that an organization that claims to have animal welfare at the forefront is just fronting their own agenda and it surely does not include animal advocacy. It’s like a punch in the stomach to me.

      • What I don’t understand is: why can’t they save the lives of the companion animals handed to them even if it is just for the sake of good publicity or to avoid bad publicity? It wouldn’t cost that much and they are a relatively wealthy organisation.

        • To them, animals are better off dead than being pets. They want total animal liberation which means no contact between human and animal. Our good intentions do not matter in their eyes.

          • Are you sure that you are correct when you say that animals want no contact with humans? I ask this because the domestic cat domesticated himself voluntarily some 10,000 years ago. This is how the domestic cat began. It was an agreement if you like between humans and the North African wildcat.

  8. I don’t know why PETA have not been prosecuted to death. I am sure a good lawyer would have a field day just over Newkirk’s statement on that postcard. Failing that it should be circulated ad nauseum world-wide.

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