We don’t think we can live without a Burmese or Siamese cat!

We don’t think we can live without a Burmese or Siamese cat!

by Freddie and Lesley Pearce
(Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, UK)

Most of our married life has evolved around cats but early in the 1970s we became involved with Burmese sable (or brown).

They were a complete delight. At that time we were running a restaurant on the edge of the New Forest and the first arrival – Bronson Rangee – lived like a fighting cock.Regrettable, he was killed on a minor road and we acquired another.

He lived happily with others – a pair of ginger toms called, predictably, Tom and Gerry but one night he disappeared – probably hit by a car and taken by a fox.

Which brought us to Bronson Beaugest and Bronson Tiberius – both sable brown Burmese. Tiberius, we later discovered was deaf and probably a Downs Syndrome case but absolutely gorgeous.

These two were then joined by a Siamese seal point called Jason but he followed the other traffic accidents and was replaced (but not forgotten) by Oliver also a seal point.

These three moved with us to Somerset and this pinpointed their greatest attribute – as long as they were with us, they were completely relaxed.

They took to the countryside, happily hunting rabbits and dragging their spoils through the catflap and complained loudly when we suggested they took their bloody trophies outside.

Regrettably, although we were several hundred yards from the road, Toby went wandering one night and although we were alerted by neighbours we never knew until then. He dragged himself back home but, with severely damaged legs, had to be put down.

Tiberius soldiered on but old age and blindness finally overcame him, although to see him following walls around a room, or along borders and hedges outside, with complete confidence, was incredible.

Eventually cancer took him and the the Siamese, Oliver. Subsequently, we acquired Pushkin (not christened by us!) another sealpoint Siamese who preferred living with us rather than her owner.

But after some 12 years she, also, succumbed to a feline version of leukaemia. And now we are without.

Aged middle 80s we are contemplating taking on a pair of – what? Burmese or Siamese. We don`t think we can live without them!

Freddie and Lesley Pearce

We don’t think we can live without a Burmese or Siamese cat! to Burmese Cat

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We don’t think we can live without a Burmese or Siamese cat!

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Sep 03, 2010
My thoughts
by: Ruth

Hello Freddie and Lesley.
What about adopting a pair of older house cats from a Rescue Shelter ? It doesn’t sound too safe for cats outside where you live as you’ve lost so many and it would be unfair to put more cats in danger that way.
Does they really have to be Burmese or Siamese ? Ordinary cats are very beautiful and there are many desperately in need of homes. You could also make arrangements that if you became unable to care for the cats any longer the Shelter would take them back.
Please at least think about doing this kind deed, there are older cats that don’t want to go outside,I’m sure they would bring much love to your home and you wouldn’t have to worry about their safety.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Sep 03, 2010
Hi Freddie and Lesley
by: Michael

Thanks very much for sharing. It gives us an insight into cat caretaking in England and it makes me think of cat enclosures again! A couple of questions come to mind.

I have never heard of Downs Syndrome in cats before. Could you tell us about that?

And I wonder if you ever considered building a simple cat enclosure or catio for your cats on the basis that you seem to have lost one too many on the roads!

Have a look at what Finn, Gail and Ruth did:

Out new cat enclosure or catio

Catio Cat Enclosures

We built a cat run

Michael Avatar

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