We Don’t Want to Know about Reality: Rendering Plants Are Horrendous

There is a petfood rendering plant in Québec owned by a company called Sanimax. The name is interesting. It implies that they turn out products which are sanitised to a maximum. It’s quite appropriate because in the sanitisation of putrefied carcasses the smell is absolutely horrendous. If you live next to one of these rendering plants you may have to move. Residents near the Québec rendering plant say that their children want to throw up when they are out playing. The smell is like “vomit times 10”.

Sanimax are proud of their work: “premium pet food ingredients for winning results” or their products are for “discerning pet owners”. It is all very much sanitised. We like the process of the preparation of petfood to be as sanitised as possible. For everyone that means as far away from us as possible because we do not like the reality of the creation of petfood.

I realise that not all petfood contains rendered carcasses and other bits of animals that come from various sources but a lot of it does.

I’m told that there are hundreds of rendering plants in America processing about 25 million tonnes of animal byproducts annually.

To return to the gist of this article. We do not like reality. We like to box it away and to forget about it. We like to buy petfood from the shelves nicely packaged. We don’t really want to ask questions. We don’t have time. We just want to feed our cat as conveniently as possible. Then we throw away the vast amount of packaging that piles up rapidly in our home, which is carted off to landfill sites which are equally rapidly starting to overflow.

The video on this page is a bit of reality. To me it looks disrespectful of animals but I’m probably being sentimental. Somebody has to do the work. We can’t waste a food source no matter how objectionable it looks to us; we who like to live in a sanitised world.

Source: Poisoned Pets

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  1. Cats are carnivores_this is a fact, however I do not feel good about feeding my cat bovine meat !

    I realize many disgusting ingredients and other by products are contained in pet food and that I have to bring home the bacon, but it still concerns me as to what my cats are actually ingesting. When I purchase the higher priced brands such as all natural no grains, wheat soy etc. my cats throw it up?

    When I buy white fish based products the outcome is less severe; but my Maine Coons do not go for it and the fishy smell is soon followed by a quicker breakdown [ dry spoilage ] of these products. Lately I have taken to canned chicken or tuna. When we have it they get fresh roasted chicken; no seasonings]

    note: Rice is a good source of vits., iron etc. and easily digestible.

    Rabbit and bird brains are excellent meat to feed your awesome cat ; but this is leading in a different direction isn’t it ? still nothing at all wrong with being honest. and if your wondering about my ethics at this point well, I feed the birds and the bees in my garden.
    Eva say’s________

  2. Regulations that clearly label any food or product containing rendered animal carcasses.
    Note to those who are offended. Modern slaughter houses are no more appealing. The dismemberment and butchering of animals will always be ugly.
    The concern with rendered products will always be residual contamination.
    On the rights of residents. If you move next to a plant of any type or business that is your choice. Probably reflective of the price. If you have a nice neighborhood and officials rezone or allow something like this you should have the right to fight it tooth and nail. The use of eminent domain to seize private land for common or industrial use should be paid at least 2X the highest independent appraisal so that it truly reflects the true cost of relocation for residents.


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