We Have Ten Cats!

We Have Ten Cats!

by Rara

Miyu, Skittles, Feets

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Miyu, Skittles, Feets

We have ten cats that are all related. It started out as one unspayed female that belonged to my clueless boyfriend and dad. This is a list of our cats and their colors!

  • Alice - Seal Tortie Point & White (F)
  • Jasper - Tan & White Classic Tabby (M)
  • Kuroshi - Brown Classic Tabby & White Med. Hair (M)
  • Dood - Tan & White Classic Tabby (F)
  • Miyu - Seal Tortie Point & White Med. Hair (F)
  • Skittles - Seal Tortie Point (F)
  • Feets - Blue Torbie Point & White (F)
  • Squishnugget - Cream Point & White (F)
  • Spooky - Seal Point & White (F)
  • Pumpkin - Flame Point & White (F)

All of these cats are very close and it's neat because even though I've had multiple cats my entire life, I've never seen cats be so affectionate with each other.

Many of our cats go out of their way to show affection to each other and us, and they are all very talkative and intelligent.


Hi Rara..... Thanks for sharing. Feets looks like he is a chimney sweep by profession! They look to me like they have a smidgen of Birman in them. Although I am probably totally wrong. What is the secret to looking after ten cats?....Michael

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We Have Ten Cats!

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Dec 17, 2009
they are great
by: kathy

I really can relate to you having all those lovely cats. When I was raising Bengals it was so hard for me to give up the kittens. I actually kept the first litter except for one. There was four of them. They were snow marlbles and leopards. One was a plain leopard and I sold her to a great home. As of today I got one back and you can read his story on this site. I still have him and he is my Baby. I love him more than anything in this world except my kids. I never thought Id ever get any of my cats back. I had 12 at the time I had to get rid of them. I always named all my kittens. I pray every day for them. The ones I dont know what happened to them. One came back to me reincarnated as a feral cat I adopted back in August. When she put her paw out to me I knew it was Midnight. Even my older son sees the similarities. Your cats do look like they have Birman in them. That is what my Bengals were crossed with because my cat Sammy I rescued had Birman in him and it showed up in all the kittens. They mostly all had the white paws.

Dec 16, 2009
Large family
by: Jan Plant

Ten is a bunch. We have 11 but they are actually a colony of ferals, but do seem unusually friendly to each other. Yours sure are beautiful. And what wonderful names!

Dec 16, 2009
names & secrets to having 10
by: rara

There's not really a secret to having 10. Having a cat door for easy in and out is definitely a necessity. They need to go outside to play so they don't wreck the house.

Here's the meaning for their names:

Alice & Jasper - taken from Twilight
Skittles - my favorite candy
Miyu - means "beautiful moon" in Japanese
Kuroshi - means "black and white" (sort of shortened) in Japanese
Feets - cannot keep her "feets" off of things, lol
Dood - was always sleepy-eyed as a kitten "Dude, wait, what?"
Squishnugget - doesn't like to be picked up and will "plop down" onto your hands when you pick her up, she is also very soft and fatter than the others (due to a lack of interest in playing), resulting in this name.

Spooky & Pumpkin - they were born a few weeks before Halloween, thus their names. Spooky is a seal point and white, and pumpkin is a flame point and white.

Dec 15, 2009
Family of cats
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

They are beautiful cats ! What unusual names some of them have, there must be stories behind them ?
It's unusual for so many cats to have close friendships like yours have, so it must be because they are family.
The most we've had at one time was five, four of our own and a neighbour's cat who prefered to live with us most of the time and they did have a few disagreements between themselves.
I'd love to hear more about your furry family.

Dec 15, 2009
Beautiful Cats!
by: Anonymous

Oh Gosh! I thought we were bad with 9 of them!!
I wonder if being related makes a difference in how well they get along or if it is just that they are exceptionally affectionate...
They look adorable :<}

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